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Monday, September 2, 2013

If I Have Wings

I stopped writing personal feelings and thoughts in this blog more than a year ago.

Something inside just died!

Even the thought of writing was painful.

Anger and frustration of the "why my life turns upside down" were eating at me. Why can't I catch a break? Why does it have to be so difficult all the time?

I'm sick of writing about it! I'm sick of constantly having to find solution! I'm sick of dreaming a better life!

As soon as I had one foot forward, I got knock back 10 STEPS!

Positive thinking can only go so far or carry me so far...

Writing about it gives me a feeling of raining on other people's parade!

So if I have wings; I will fly away from this life; I will flying away from being me! Registered & Protected


  1. You are not alone, you know. There are lots of us out there who are feeling the same thing. But the fact that you can still write about it even if it seems negative is a good thing. Acceptance is hard but as I see here... you are dealing with it the normal way. I will not be surprised that you will bounce back to your old self. Whining is a b*tch [wink*] they say but hey, we are human, we can do that. And after a good w[h]ine... we drink to that.

    And yes, writing our personal feelings and thoughts may have hurt and pained you but to some of your readers... they have adverse effect. You have healed some wounds in mine. I'm just saying.

  2. Oh Ruthi, your comment is really wonderful. If I've touched you in some small ways, you've touched my heart too! Thank you for such kind words!

  3. i see the tears in your words and i feel the pain as i write this, but like what Ruthi said, you are not alone, we all have our share of pains, that somehow we wish too to fly away. i wish i can give you a comforting hug, if we all are nearby, wish we can have a whining party and drink ( water ?) to that....

  4. I am willing to not fly could be too challenging at times....I feel you have gone through so much yet I feel your strength....sending love and hugs your way and wings to soar above anything you are facing....:)


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