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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Luscious Colors In the Sky

Nothing is more beautiful than these colors in the sky, don't you think? Beside the flowers, and critters, the sky is my favorite subject. Each day, each moment, and each spot gives me a different view.

This was taken at 6:00 AM and while snapping the pictures, I heard myself saying "". The colors were so rich, deep and lusciously gracing the sky.

Flowers For Today Flowers
I thought these flowers are called crabapple, but I have crossed some blogs that said differently. So I have no idea..I just think they are beautiful.

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  1. Magnificent colors. Such a beautiful sunset.

  2. It is a luscious color and a beautiful sky, it is the kind of sky to pull up a chair and enjoy. Beautiful photos.

  3. What a vibrant sky! Gorgeous!

  4. Who can blame you for saying, "" while capturing that sky! I have the same experience often, and can only hope my photos do justice to what I'm seeing. This sunrise of yours is absolutely breathtaking!! That second photo is especially spectacular, and the arching branch gives it such wonderful depth and texture that really frames that amazing color perfectly.

    Those flowers are so lovely - they don't look quite like the crabapples we have here, but maybe it's a different variety, or a different sort of apple, or a different fruit altogether - but who cares, they're beautiful! :-)

  5. I am forever struggling to identify God's many wonders or to remember the names of the one's I DID know. lol Sometimes we have to just accept that the loveliness was shared with us and we can treasure it in our preserved images. :-) Your captures are truly remarkable.


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