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Sunday, April 7, 2013

As Blue As Blue Can Be

Blue Sky

During the winter, when the sky had a bit of colors, I'm happy no matter how cold the weather was. As long as the sky was not gray, or snowing then the day seemed much better.

Moon In a Blue Sky
A full moon on a blue sky! I think the perfect circle was what calling to me, as it was in the late morning that I saw it.

Mostly Blue
This scene was caught in my neighbor's backyard! The cloud hung low and had blue hues in it. The entire area looked very mystery and amazing to see.

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  1. Oh gee, I too have been living that same feeling, far too many grey skies and white old cold blowing snow still falling, just two days ago here! Yikes! But wow, great photos here, and your words really comfort we winter weary ones!

  2. Glad to hear from you. I'm with you. This whole winter has been grey and over cast
    sky's. Today the sky is blue, Sun is out and we still have snow in piles on the payment.
    Even though it is 50 the wind chill is just too cold to plant my bulbs. Frustrated!
    I sit here looking at my stargazer, hollyhocks and teh rest of my bulbs and seed.
    Hang in sooner or later it will happen 70 degrees..

  3. Just the kind of skies I like as well. I really don't prefer a blank sky unless it's really blue. I like a few fluffy clouds and blue and pink any day. :)

  4. oh, that moon in a blue sky is sooo beautiful.

  5. Beautiful photos especially the first one. Thank you for stopping by and the lovely comment.

  6. Hi there - nice picture. I think that grey skies get a bit of bad press - without them would we really know how good a blue one is?

    Stewart M - Melbourne

  7. Good photos, Mumsy. Thanks for sharing these beautiful blues.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  8. Lovely photos - that last one is really mysterious and beautiful with the low clouds - Love it!

  9. Lovely sky photos ~ a gem of nature ~ ^_^

  10. I love your pretty blues....
    Happy Blue Monday

  11. Happy Blue Monday! Amazing skies :)
    Autumn greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  12. I must compliment you on such lovely photo's, each one beautiful in its own way.


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