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Friday, February 1, 2013

Kiss Me Orchid

Huge Pink Orchid
I had no idea why, but when I saw this huge orchid at this angle, it looked as if it is asking to be kissed. Thus, the title! You must understand that this gorgeous can only be found at the local Conservatory.

Macro of Pink Orchid
In this bad economy, our local Conservatory is about to make changes and charges visitor $11 a year to visit. Of course, it will put a damper in my situation, but I understand the need for money for the Conservatory to stay open.

The Opening of Orchid Flower 
As I understand, the changes have become a law, so I haven't decided if I would spend the money to invest in this venture, as I only manage to go once or twice a year!

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  1. what a beautiful angle you captured, yes, indeed, it looks like giving or waiting for a kiss :)

  2. it's gorgeous in any angle.:p
    i love the frilly edges, beautiful color, too.

  3. Beautiful angle and I your caption fits :) What a shame the conservatory is going to charge from now on. I do hope that you will still be able to visit there. Thank you for sharing this gorgeous orchid with us at Today's Flowers, we always appreciate your support :)

  4. Gorgeous Macros! Wonderful flower!

  5. Don't ruffle your feathers at the cost....I have a feeling you really like to visit this place. Sometimes it is good to have a "me" day. It can be an artist day out.

    Fantastic macros!
    Happy Ground Hog's Day!!!!
    Joyce M

  6. Orchid is always 0ne of my favorite flowers, unfortunately I have no luck growing them.. Beautiful shots. Visiting from Pink Saturday..

  7. Is it an annual fee, or is it each time? Very pretty orchid. It looks so fluffy.

    1. It's an annual fee, but I only make it there 2 times in my best year. The area isn't that safe to be around!

  8. I love the capture on this orchid! So beautiful! Thanks for sharing and have a terrific week! HPS!

  9. So beautiful. Hope you'll find time to visit my entry.

  10. How awful that the cut backs had to hit here too!! I know when hubby took me to Hidden Lake Gardens it cost him $10. and I almost fainted that he paid it and took me anyway. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but we missed many parts as he doesn't have my love for flowers.


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