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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Strengthen My Sainthood

One thing I've learned about myself is that when I actually write as closely as how I feel or my emotions; the juice came out so much easier and with a strong force!

Then there is also that feeling of lightness in my heart and mind!

No wonder why people said writing is a form of therapy.

The only thing left that I wish for is a solution after the writing is done! An answer to a problem! A rescue! Maybe...

When I was younger, I drown myself in sad songs and let that dark moods eating at me. I still do this, but seldom!

Now, I find the immortal souls of all the saints an inspiring way to re-focus!

There has to be some meaning, some purpose, some direction after this life is done.

I try not to bury myself in my sorrows, but to look at them as challenges, and to take them as what must be done since I am the chosen one!

Accepting this fact is easier for me to deal with all the crap rather than asking "why me?" It doesn't matter how many times the why me is asked, it still is a dead end!

Just so you know, all the saints had no complains on how hard and painful their lives were.

I do: complaining, screaming, cursing, doubting, resenting, and hating my life; but still, I will die a saint!!! Amen....

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  1. I loved this post.. Have to get a friend to read it.
    Big hug yvonne

  2. It's hard not to ask the why's, though!

  3. oh, i love what you said, yes, you will die a saint, and thank you for sharing that thought.

  4. I do believe you will die a saint, but not yet, I want you here with me.


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