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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Do Not Mention My Name

I came to a stop. I don't feel like writing!

I threw many heated fits as I felt very depleted of energy, enthusiasm, and inspiring spirit. The more I give, the less I have!

It was not the more I give, the more I'll receive type "thingy".

The harder I tried, the more I have to do!

I am hopelessly doing all the chores and duties so I can just relax. But that will never happen and there will always be more with my name on it.

Not anyone else's name, but just mine!

So I don't event want to see my name mentioned, even if it's a no nonsense little chore or doing. I am fed up! My plate is over spilling with crap!

I can barely do things for myself, or have time to do what I must do to stay alive.

Night time is nightmare! Day time is hell with so much pain I have to endure on my abnormal body.

When is it enough to stop all of these?

Don't volunteer me for anything, and stop mention my name for any kind of whim!!!

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  1. i can feel your pain, i wish there is something i can do to ease the pain

  2. You sound overwhelmed. I hope it lets up soon!

  3. Sorry you are struggling so muc!

  4. Oooh. I hate getting volunteered by others for stuff.

  5. I understand and relate to being volunteered to do things; mending, babysitting, cooking, party planning, but thankfully I know very little of pain most of the time. Right now I have a tooth ache and have not called to make an appointment. My dentist retired and my car is down so I am depending on hubby to get back and forth to work. I hate to ask for more. I pray that you will feel better and that you can find some time to spoil yourself. You deserve it.


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