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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

C Is For Court

My first legal battle with the X was of course, about the children a year later after the divorce. It shook the core of my being, as I feared the outcome of what might be traveling back to a small town where the X knew almost everyone in that little nook of the world.

He was for sure that he would win, and that entire court system would be on his side. You see, he worked as a reporter for that small town newspaper, and his name is known there.

I prepared an argument speech, proof of all the transactions, and cited the divorce degree claws. I came well equipped with paper trail like a lawyer. A friend of mine drove the 300 hundred miles with me and our children. She was my only support as I couldn't stomach this ordeal.

He refused to pay for the children's dental care even though he was responsible for 89 percent of the cost according to the divorce agreement, and decided to "sue my ass out" for not clearing with him before taking the children to the dentist.

During the course of 22 years marriage, I was solely the care taker of the children's health, well-being, school duties, sport activities, and everything else under the rainbow. In all honesty, I didn't see the need or remember to report to him.

For months led up to the court day, my stomach was churned and I couldn't sleep or eat. I was so intimidated knowing his popularity with this court. When we arrived, he backed my friend into the wall telling her what I should do, and demanded her to make me comply to his wishes in front of the court workers.

Once inside the court, he casually sat with arms circled behind his head leaning way back as if he was on a lazy chair, laughing off at questions, and acted like victory was in his hands. His cocky behavior made it easy on me, and I didn't even have to say a thing or lift a finger. The decision was handed out in a flash and he had to pay the 89 percent cost of the dental bill. Period!

He again, laughingly told the judge: "It will take me three years to pay it!"

She passed a stern look at him and announced: "You have three months, sir!"

For the first time in a long time, I thought life was good for a moment...

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  1. I'm glad the judge saw your side of the story. I hope your Ex paid up quickly!

  2. I hate when there's fighting over kids. I do hope he came through.

  3. Glad you had a good outcome in Court ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  4. Mumsy, no wonder you have not been doing well lately. Seems it rained on your parade. Trust you will feel better since you have this behind you. Divorces can be a pain especially when children are involved. Men only think of themselves.

  5. I too am so glad to hear that common sense prevailed...not to mention a judge with some guts! I used to work for a small-town Prosecutor and as I got to know the judges, I also got to know which side of the law they typically sentenced for...a softie for the defense...or a hard-nosed judge with former prosecutorial experience! It does make a difference when sentences are handed down.

    I am so sorry that your children and you have to go through this!

  6. I do hope this has a happy-ish ending. So glad the judge could see the arrogance of that man and set him straight.

  7. Wow, justice this time. I hope the courts see through him every time.
    Blessings to you and your children.
    XO, Jeanne

  8. What a relief for you...

    I am not sure that Court is ever an enjoyable experience but it sounds like this worked out in your favor...

    Glad to hear it...

    Cool post for the letter C...

    Thanks for linking.


  9. The experiences with that man is not an easy one. Let's hope there is light at the end of the tunnel for you soon. I keep praying.


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