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Friday, November 23, 2012

Pink Philodendron

Pretty Philodendron

This love pink philodendron flowers were at the Conservatory, and available in pink, red, and white color. They grew in little flower clusters, and spotted throughout the Conservatory. They cheered up the entire garden with their smiling faces.

Pretty Philodendron
Since these little flowers bloom face down, I had to point the camera up and just clicked. It was one of the advantages in carrying a point and shoot camera. The petals had a glistering look and feel to them.

Closer Look of Pink Philodendron
Going to the Conservatory on a weekday is always the best for me, as there were very few visitors. Thus, I almost had the whole place to myself to explore, take all the time I want, and freely snap until my heart desired.

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  1. What a lovlye place that would be visit. I enjoy seeing all pretty flowers.

  2. Beautiful views of this lovely flower. I totally agree about visiting places mid-week. We try never to go anywhere on weekends -- leave it for those not retired now that we can go any day!!

  3. Wow!! I never even thought that philodendron bloomed...
    They look a little like begonia flowers - the glistening part.

  4. oh, so beautiful shots, i agree with you, it is so much easier to shoot with a point and shoot camera, you do not need much to kneel down, I find these days I am using my cell phone more for the same reason.

  5. These are lovely! Thank you for sharing them with Today's Flowers. I apologize for being so late in commenting but we have had our family visiting and I have had little time on the computer. Wishing you a great week!

  6. I posted some of these pink flowers too from HD find. I think they are quite special that a bunch of little flowers can bunch together and become a huge beauty.

  7. They are gorgeous and resplendent in colors!


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