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Friday, November 9, 2012

Autumn Has Whining Down

Touch of Colors
In my neck of the woods, autumn is very near the end. Many trees are now stripped to the very bare bones especially after the affect of Hurricane Sandy's strong wind. I caught the touch of colors in the sky while inspecting my back yard. It was a beautiful sight to see, but electrical wires were in the way.

Pink Cosmos Bloom 
I had no idea that cosmos are such resilient flowers and could withstand the cold temperature we were having. These pink cosmos kept on blooming until the frost hit two days ago.

Yellow and Orange Leaves
This tree turned orange and yellow leaves which was so pretty to see, and it is usually the last one to go bare in my yard. Autumn has whining down in my world, what about yours? Happy Weekend to all...

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  1. Hope you are having a good day. Your fall shots are very pretty. Hate you or anyone else had to be affected by Sandy. No fall in Texas. Still like summer. Temperatures in the 70 to 80 every day and no rain. My flowers have all started blooming again.

  2. Beautiful pictures! The pink sky is breathtaking. Thank you for sharing :) Visiting from Pink Saturday.


  3. Glad you have some fall colors to enjoy. In Texas, it is still like summer. Tress are dead from the dry, hot weather.

  4. your colorful shots of nature are so beautiful! love the golden sky even with the electric wires; the pink Cosmos look so radiantly beautiful! reminds me of some pretty girls with flushed cheeks and the sweetest of smiles and yes those orange, yellow leaves against a blue sky is such a joy to see...on my side of the world everything is sunny now and the breeze is starting to feel cold with December just around the corner...a lovely day to you :)

  5. Beautiful capture of these bright flowers. In California we are not that far yet!

  6. Our fall is pretty much gone in Western Carolina in the mountains. Your photo are lovely and hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration. Winter is coming fast. Sigh!
    Happy Pink Sat.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  7. i love your pink cosmos--i rarely see them here in pink.

  8. beautiful pictures, so love your framing of the pink cosmos, very lovely. we have fall/spring forever, except in the mountains. and when the mountains gets very cold, they blow down wind that warms up as it descends warming us up in the coast, so, we always have periods of alternating warm/cold coz of the temperature battle between high elevation and low elevation.

  9. Beautiful collection of photos. I know what you mean about bare trees and loads of scattered leaves...


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