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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

V Is For Violets

Lavender Violet

My yard was full of violets at the end of April, and this lavender one was the main attraction at that time of the year. The color changed a bit depending on how intense the weather played out.

2012 Violet
This violet had a lighter lavender color this year due to the strange weather we had. Though violets are pretty to see, they are invasive and take over my yard literally.

White Violet
I also have white violets, but they are in container and have not wildly populated as the lavender ones yet. This white one was a gift from my friend when she dug up some chive to give me; the violets came as a bonus.

White and Lavender Violets
I took the photo above at my friend's house, and her yard had this mix of white and lavender violets all over. They were pretty to see, and often got mowed without hesitation as they were very invasive.

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  1. oh, so very pretty, and yes, they are very invasive, i see them crawling almost everywhere too, only that they have not found their way in our place :(

  2. I absolutely love violets!


  3. Very pretty, Mumsy. What will we do when we run out of alphabet on this round?! :)

  4. Violets remind me of my mother-in-law. She transplanted wild ones which are still blooming next to her old house, although she has not been there for years...

  5. I've been trying to grow violets in my backyard for years. I dug some up from a friends yard and planted them, but none seemed to make it. Then I tried again only this time I planted them in pots for a year first and then planted them in the yard. They did better and spread, but last year we had a drought and I thought they were all gone. Just recently I noticed some in the yard again. I'm hoping they'll bloom in the spring. I think they're harder to grow here because of the heat, but I'm determined to have wild violets all over my yard someday.

  6. These are beautiful violets! I've always loved violets and once had one called "freckles."

  7. These are gorgeous. I am partial to violets.

  8. I used to feel tiny little cobalt blue bottles with petite bouquets of violets.

    They were so lovely.

    And fragrant.

    Thanks for some Very happy memories!



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