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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

U Is For Unusual and Unique

Mystery Plant

If you look up flowers that start with the letter U on Google, you won't find any except for one that called "umbrella plant". Well, I don't exactly know what umbrella plant looks like as the images on the web are very varies. So, feature in this post, I recycled my old photos of unique and unusual plants.

Another Mystery Plant
I spotted these unusual and unique living things at our local Conservatory a couple of years back. I imagine those buds turned into beautiful flowers though I have not seen them. There was no name tag for these plants when I checked.

Pokey Leaf
There was a name for this pokey leaf, also found at the Conservatory, but I just can't remember. The leaf was covered with little spikes and had the feel of spiky thorns, but when touched, they were neither. They were soft as the matter fact. I will have to learn the name at the next time of my visit.

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  1. I came by to thank you for your sweet
    comments on my blog and realized Jenny's
    Alphabet Thursday is tomorrow.. I need to
    Unusual Flowers always make me smile.
    Thanks again

  2. Definitely unusual and unique. :))

  3. i do not know what an umbrella plant is too, and sure these are unusual and unique plants.

  4. I hate to see us arriving at the end of the alphabet. You've done a fantastic job this go-round, Mumsy.

  5. Great camouflage on that last one! The spikes are probably to keep unwanted insects out but the softness welcomes the insects that are "in the know"!!

  6. The top one is quite striking!

    love it..

  7. It's a very strange looking plant. Almost look like some black fingernails coming out of those buds.

  8. They mayb unknown to you, but they are striking.
    Ulmus [elm] might work, but then it is a tree :-)

  9. Those are very cool1 I love seeing all the unusual plants at our local conservatory. What will "they" think of next?!

  10. I don't know what either of those are...but aren't they just cool?

    I love seeing unusual plants at the arboretum here.

    I've not seen any like these, though!

    Thanks for a fUn and interesting link for the letter 'U'.


  11. Truly unique and unusual just like you stated!


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