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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

T Is For Tulips

A Bouquet of Tulips
I have no tulips this year, as the weather was frighteningly different, and the squirrels had no mercy for those bulbs. However, since on my blog, I had a few posts with tulips, so I will just recycle them here for Alphabe-Thursday series.

Rain Drops On White Tulip
Three years ago my garden was full of tulips in different colors of yellow, red, white, and purple. Slowly I only had two plants of white tulip left, and the other bulbs were dug up and eaten by squirrels. I don't like squirrels, but I still took pictures of them. Strange, and weird on my part!

Purple Tulip
I miss having my purple tulips, but I also don't want to buy new ones as I know the squirrels around here will have a feast. Believe me, I have used moth balls, and other natural products in my garden, but nothing could keep them away. They are beasts around my neighborhood.

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  1. oh, so very beautiful, i also recycle pictures as I almost have no time looking for my pictures, i just am so disorganized, but trying hard now to name the files accordingly so i can easily find them.

  2. Yes, squirrels can be most annoying, can't they? These tulips are so pretty.

  3. Tulips my favorite flowers. I love these I often have the same ones in the spring.

  4. Lovely tulips! Too bad about the squirrels!



  5. Gorgeous. Tulips are my all time favorite flower!

  6. I didn't know squirrels went after them. I thought bunnies did! Doggone those stinkers!

  7. Very nice photos, even if they are "recycled." It strange, due to the Midwest drought, in June, when we normally had roses and other summer flowers in bloom, all we had at the botanical gardens were tulips. They were very pretty, though!

  8. Lovely tulips ~ very creative and colorful! ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  9. squirrels ARE terrible, when it comes to tulips. mean-spirited, blossom-chopping monsters. that said, try daffodils, which they leave alone. (love how you captured the raindrops.)

  10. my absolute favorite none!! :)

  11. Such pretty photos of tulips! You sure need to watch out for those squirrels - they are sneaky.

  12. I live in hot sunny Florida and we don't
    grow Tulips here but I do have bulbs in
    the fridge right now waiting for their time
    to be put in a bowl of rocks and then they
    will bloom. I do this every year!
    But, silk tulips are in my home all year
    because their my favorite flower. I miss
    Illinois and the tulips in my yard!
    Good post

  13. The raindrops on the white tulips is really a terrific picture!

    Beautiful pictures!

    I miss spring back East terribly.

    But thanks for sharing this loveliness!


  14. Your squirrels are aggressive. The moth balls have worked for me, so far anyway.


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