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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Swinging In to Dream

Many houses around my neighborhood have folding lawn chairs, free stand swing seats, or glider on their front porch, and are known passionately as "porch monkeys"! It is a term of endearment, and a loving expression for those who love to be outside.

I, myself, want to get a helicopter garden swing for my backyard as I spent lots of time around this area of my home, taking photos of critters, weeding out un-wanted plants, and to feast my eyes on beautiful blooming flowers, or just watching the children play.

Normally, we should have some sort of seating arrangements in our garden or backyard as well to enjoy our very short summer months. However, since I owned a two-seat glider which is stationed permanently on the front porch; I would love to have a garden swing as well for the backyard.

There is something about being rock back and forth that I found very soothing, even if it is just a gentle push. I would like to have a garden swing or glider that offers an umbrella overhead to shield the sun and the rain for protection. This is currently going on my list of goals for next year, so by next summer I shall have one. Registered & Protected


  1. that is a very beautiful design, spending time outside would be so relaxing

  2. I love that swing. I have always wanted one too. Here in town I would have to chain it down or lose it. lol


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