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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

R Is For Rudbeckia

Mini Rudbeckia 
I threw a bunch of seeds of this rudbeckia flower in my flower garden and waited! Once they grew I realized that they are the mini type of rudbeckia, which is also known as black eyed Susan, but I am not fond of the common name as it is suggested to something else in my mind.

A Critter On Rudbeckia
I am not quite sure what kind of critter this was, but I quickly took a few photos, and not looking back! Crawling critters give me a chill due to a bad experience in the past.

Bee On Rudbeckia
This gorgeous rudbeckia attracted different critters to them. This mini rudbeckia had a very slender stem, but the flower was much bigger than the body. My flower garden has no order as I just scattered seeds this year, and watched for what to come up. It is an actual wild flowers area.

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  1. beautiful shots, i also do not like the name black eyed susan :)

  2. I spread wildflower seeds every fall and then watch and see what happens in the spring! It's always exciting and I usually get some Rudbeckia at some point in the summer...

  3. Some people call them brown-eyed Susans. Since I have brown eyes, I rather like that. :)

  4. Excellent photography ~ great name ~ and love the little critters on the flowers ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  5. I love that flower and that color is beautiful. Great R word

  6. Nice photos! I heard that rudbeckias are good flowers ot grow when I move to Colorad as they are drought reisitant. Can they survive deer also?

    1. I have seen them by the road side, and they seem to do fine. Since I live in the middle of the city, I don't see deer here :-(

  7. never knew that it is its name as I always heard them to be call black eye susan, which I always find to be an odd name for a flower. I like their brights though.

    hope you have a great day.

  8. that critter looked like an inch worm...beautiful flowers and beautiful photos, Mumsy!!

  9. great shots of both flower and critter!

  10. Mumsy, those photographs are just FABULOUS! The inch-worm showed up at this the right time.

  11. That is a much nicer name! The photos are great, and how sweet of the critter and the bee to pose so nicely!

  12. Lovely, it seems all of nature love the rudbeckia as much as I do too!

  13. The last photo is really nice...the purple center of the flower is a nice contrast to the yellow petals.

  14. I have LOTS of Rudbeckia! They are prolific! They're lovely and last quite a while in the garden.
    great photos!

  15. Lovely shots. We have some of those flowers around our way.

  16. You surprised me!

    When I saw it was your link, I was thinking roses!

    I love rudbeckia! It's so sturdy and long lasting as cut flowers!

    Thanks for sharing another really loving flower with us!



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