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Friday, September 28, 2012

Get Extra Protection With LifeLock

This post brought to you by LifeLock Twitter. All opinions are 100% mine.

AmeliaIZEA | skitch.comIf you conduct your business online, such as checking into your account, paying bills, or shopping through various websites, do you realize how vulnerable your personal information is? You might think that your password will keep you safe, but according to statistic, a professional hacker can unlock your password in .000224 second if there is no symbol in your password. So ask yourself: How hack-friendly is your password?

Are you a smart phone user? Do you know the alarming statistic that others have experienced in identity theft?

• 6.6% of victims are smartphone owners
• 6.8% of victims are social media users who click on the applications
• 8.2% of victims are social media users who have “checked in” using their smartphone GPS
• 10.1% of victims are LinkedIn users

My son was one of these victims in the statistic! Someone got his account numbers and password and went on a shopping spree in another State. Not knowing what happened on his behalf, he was locked out of his account when he needed to make a purchase!

Long story short, he called the bank and was notified of the suspicious transactions. The feelings of being robbed and vulnerability had him follow LifeLock on Twitter to catch on with their updates.

Your whole life can turn upside down in a matter of minutes, so is your personal information protected? Are you considered safeguarding your privacy against thieves or hackers?

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  1. I have LifeLock and absolutely LOVE it! I feel so much better and so secure now!

    1. Hi Liz,
      I am serious thinking about enrolling after what happened to my son. Though he used his smart phones lot more than I do!

  2. With all the things that happened in the past years to me, I would say it's time to turn to the professionals.

  3. I have been hacked but it was before I had a smart phone and it is devastating.


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