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Monday, August 27, 2012

The Path of Life

Through the grape vine, I heard that my niece and nephew from two different States will be graduating from College soon. My mind screams silently WOW, and with its my utmost admiration.

This news led me in thinking and experiencing a feeling of shame that my two older children wouldn't be on this path of graduating from College.

I went through turmoil with so many questions.

I examined my own way of life.

Surely, I have given them my all with whatever I could do.

Did I do anything wrong in raising them?
Where did I go wrong with them?
Is it me or is it them?
Did I fail my parental job?

After the beaten in my mind, I came to accept that I can no longer play a part in their decision.

Above all, it's their life, their choice, their chosen path...

I did my part, now it is up to them~ Registered & Protected


  1. You can't control the choices your kids make, and if they're happy, then it matters not that they didn't go down the university route. :)

  2. "Above all, it's their life, their choice, their chosen path...

    I did my part, now it is up to them~"

    Oh Mumsy, you are so correct, as much as we do our best in raising them, but there are things beyond our control such as their decision making, which at most we can guide, but we can not expect they will follow.

  3. It is not too late for them to finish their schooling. I know you are behind them in whatever path they choose and they know that too. It enables them to choose wisely.


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