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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tears On Growing

I turned 54 last Friday!
Proud that I have lived this long despite my doctor's prediction that I would be gone by 30.

Sad that I spent the day by myself.

Pain and hurt to realize that this won't be the last birthday that I would have to be alone.

The three children that I once had, were all away with their dad.

My body nurtured them from conception.

My life spent caring for them.

And I thought, yes a very un-fathom thought, that I would mean something deeper to them.
Maybe even wished that they would be considerate enough to be around.

But they made conscious choice to go away...

Holding my spirit strong, I told myself "it is just another day, nothing special!"
Mother's Day, Birthday, Christmas, New Year, Valentine's Day are just this earthy celebrations, of what people make up.

I then reminded myself of those old forgotten people in the nursing home, and knew that I was not alone.

Many people are in this stage of life.

The circle of life!

My heart tears for them.

My heart tears for me...

Bless you for READING


  1. sometimes on our BDs or holidays we're faced with the self reflection moments. hope you can move past it and enjoy what you do have. there isn't a child that can be considerate and kind like D, but there is a price that comes with his thoughtfulness too. hope your day was peaceful and self indulgent.

  2. I do hope you did something totally for you. So sorry you were forgotten.

  3. i am sorry, i wish i can give you some comforting thoughts or something to brighten your day, and yes, you are not alone, i'm here, though may be seen only in the blogosphere, but i am here and wish i can give you a hug and a treat on your special day


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