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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

O Is For Orchids

Creamy Orchids
Our local Conservatory carries many different types of orchids, and in many different colors also. I visited this place at least twice a year, especially in the dead of winter when the spirit needed a lift to see colors.

Yellow Orchids 
I just love how these gorgeous yellow orchids bathing in the sun, and bring such joy to the eyes as I walked through the aisle. It was a happy welcome sight.

Purple Orchids
These purple orchids were one of my favorite orchids. The petals were mostly purple, but at the heart of these flower, the white color added a striking attraction.

White Orchids 
When I visited the Conservatory, I always made sure to see what types of orchids were blooming at the time. These are just four types of different orchids from my last visit. I don't want to post hundreds of orchid photos as I know we are always on a time table, and I would rather have you enjoying a few than just scrolling quickly down to the end of the post :-)

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  1. i love orchids, and i can see why those purple orchids are some of your favorites, it's really very beautiful.

  2. beautiful photos! What a pick-me-up! {:-Deb

  3. These are beautiful! I love orchids, but I've heard that they require a lot of care, and I'm afraid they would die of neglect at my house. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Creamy, lovely, stunning and excellent for the letter O!

  5. Hi Mumsy, these are wonderful. A neighbor gave us an orchid last year. It bloomed and then lost its blooms and then bloomed again...about 4 months ago...and the blossoms look like they just opened yesterday! Amazing!!

  6. I love orchids :) They are such a beautiful flower :D Nice 'O' post :)

  7. Mumsy, your photos are lovely! I used to grow orchids, but stopped when we moved to Tucson because the desert is so dry and hot. Now that we are in Brunswick, in a more humid and temperate climate, I will be able to grown them again. Great "O" word!!

  8. Orchids are too delicate for my care but I love to see them.

  9. they are all so lovely, love the yellow ones bathing in the sun and the pink touch inside the white orchids...I am always amazed at the beauty of orchids and will never get tired viewing...

  10. What outstandingly lovely pictures!

    I love the velvetty quality of these flowers!

    Thanks for sharing them.



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