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Monday, August 13, 2012

It Is a Hard Decision

My laptop sat on my lap, every day! I believe that is why it is called "lap-top". What else can it be?

This past few months it got hotter than usually and I noticed a brown patch on my skin where the laptop sat.

I bought two cooling fans for it already. It helps a little, but I know I have to invest in a new laptop soon as mine is getting very old.

Making a decision to spend hundreds of dollars seemed to be harder than I thought and took so long already.

I want a good PC.

I want to buy it at a discount, not original price, and this sale price has to be so good that I can't say no to it.

I saw people buying a pair of jean for hundreds of dollars without blinking an eye.

Why I can't do that when it is something that I seriously need as I do write assignments to make a living? My laptop is a vehicle in helping me with my earnings! So, why is it that I am hesitating so much?

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  1. when I see people spending money for outragous stuff, I think they have no idea what's down the road. I have learned to be frugal and
    prepare for what's important.

    Worried about the spot from that laptop. Call a Doctor and ask.


  2. Because, you are a sensible person! I've learned my lesson about laptops though, it seems they just don't have the long life like that of my computer at my desk!

  3. Because it costs so much, you probably want to make sure you're buying the right machine!

  4. laptops are very convenient since we can use them anywhere, but sadly, their life span is not as long :( hope the patch from your skin is gone now?

  5. May you be led to the right one. Blessings.

  6. Having just taken my daughter in laws and friend Jeannie's lap top into my b-i-l and heard the diagnosis that they overheated and the fans need replaced; I understand. I use a cooling trap and gave the kids my cooling fan. I spend so many hours on it - I worry too.


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