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Sunday, July 29, 2012


lavender rose of sharon
(Warning--don't read if you can't stomach bloody raw thoughts and feelings!)

Admit it, some people were just born under a lucky star, and some were from the gecko at the very first conception!

I belonged to the latter statement, and despite it some times!

It is the bloody truth and to be honest or RAW, one has to just say it out loud.

This doesn't mean that I don't do anything to BETTER myself or just sit there and whine. In fact, I worked my tush of for every little thing that I have.

The harder I work; the more problems I run in!

Non stop! Never end! No relief! No mercy!

Until I am at the point of just shutting my eyes and muttered the word "WHATEVER!!!"

You heard me, WHATEVER!

Yes, it is the most beautiful word in the world. If I say it often enough, it has the power of erasing my worries, my care, and my attention to the problem.

It is like a temporary relief medicine to an itchy mosquito bite!

I was born under an unlucky star! All my life I have to scrap for everything!

My childhood was suck!

My teenager years were terrible!

My love life was robbed!

My duties are heavy!

Yet, I am still "husbandless" for over 12 years and still poor like dirt...oh yes, and still living, happy or not...

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  1. whatever has been my favorite word for a very long time :) wish i can give you a hug mumsy, I don't know if that would help, but maybe would give you some comfort. praying life will turn around for you and become light, full of love, and happiness.

  2. Whatevs has been my favorite word of the week. Life can be really difficult sometimes. You are an awesome Mom, and a wonderful role model to your kids..that my dear is NOT a whatevs! Believe me, I saw my Mom struggle for years to raise us. She had no education, was a waitress most of her life. She raised two good daughters though, and for that I know she is proud. As you can be too when you look at your children.

  3. How frustrating to feel like that. There are times in my life when I feel like everything I touch turns to total crap. I'm learning it goes in waves though.


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