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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Oh The Things I Did

I love blogging!

I love what I know now comparing to 10 years ago about the internet. Back then, I joined many sites as an at home mom desperately trying to make some cents.
fly on dead flower

I clicked ads; I read emails; I took surveys; I posted in forums!

Oh the things I did for a penny was endless...shameless as the face value of a penny!

I stayed up late; I woke up early just to make sure I earned those virtual penny or points. I was addicted to the possibility of "bringing home the bacon", even if they were not whole.

One site actually turned out very well as I traded my money/points in for prizes! I got my children some toys. I got the house things that I needed.

We were happy! My children were happy picking out what they wanted on the site.

I put in more hours.

I stopped taking bath, and jumped in for a short shower.

The more boxes arrived at the house, the more hours I sat at the computer.

Then many of the sites that I joined to read emails, taking survey, posting in forums, and clicking ads died overnight with the money that I had accumulated.

My dream burned! My hope collapsed. My heart sank to the bottom of my feet.

If what I know now applied to what I didn't know back then, I probably would not have learned a lesson. Then again, it would have prevented the crushing feeling that I was under.

Bless you for READING!

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  1. Life in the world; perfectly symbolized by your photo.

    Darryl and Ruth :)

  2. I had no idea back then you could do all that on the internet. Nice though to have had those toys for your children. I still only make pennies on the internet Mumsy and trying to figure out, my time versus the pay, it just does not equate. It's a good thing, I just LOVE blogging.

  3. I love blogging too and thank you for sharing these thoughts...I am at that stage of postponing taking a bath to spend time online :-) Viewing your photos and reading your words inspire me a lot.

  4. Inspiring post. Hmmmmm...... interesting about the internet stuff. Blogging for me has become a way of life. That fly on the dead flower is cool. Hugs to you Mumsy.

  5. oh, i love blogging too, though i am not so familiar with clicking ads, etc, but like you, i also slept late before just to get every penny that my blog could earn, but i hope i had learned my lesson as i spend less time in my blogs right now, more actually in FB, yet I do not earn anything in FB but I earn in my blog now more than the times I spent a lot of time working on it.

  6. that is a fabulous photograph! it is funny about blogging, how there is the potential out there to make money and some do, some do rather well, but I can't quite stop using it for my own personal journal. There is always this tug of war going on between writing what people like - and writing what I need to write :-)
    I'm not sure how you found my blog, but I am glad to have visited yours.


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