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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Group Of Pink Blossoms

Group of Pink Flowers
Spotted this beautiful group of pink flowers on the side of my church building, and had to stop for a few photos. I have not seen these flowers before, and they were refreshing to see.

Pretty Pink Flowers
My teenage son told me I am odd since I embarrassed him with my photo-clicking addiction everywhere. I agreed with his statement, and added "I am just a blogger" looking for new material to add to my blog.

Close Up of a Group of Pink Flowers
Needless to say, he went on ahead of me to disassociate himself with an "odd" mom, warning me that I would be late for service. To further teasing, once inside the church I pulled out my camera and took a picture of the altar. He sighed and moaned "MA..MA..."

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Oh, Mumsy....Pink flowers are my favorites, and these shots are wonderful. I especially like the last one with the close up of the stamens. I need to go and my camera right now and take some shots of my pink ones. genie

  2. haha, what funny post, but am glad you took those photos, i so love pink flowers, and you brought them out like a master painting, so beautifully taken.

  3. My kids think I am weird too...we are always looking for blog ops! Pretty flowers Mumsy.

  4. This younger generation just do not understand the loves of us older generation. Just keep on snapping.

  5. so many lovely pink flowers, never get tired of viewing them. Hope you have a fun pink saturday

  6. Wonderful. Stunning looking flower.

  7. Beautiful flower capture! Wait till your son is 30, then you'll overhear him saying to his friend, "She's a good photographer!" (It happened to me and I almost fell of my chair!)

  8. Lovely and beautiful flowers..

    Visiting for Pink Saturday- hope you can stop by..

  9. LOL...There is no better enjoyment then a little embarrassment for the children. We all need a little fun sometimes.

  10. The flowers are gorgeous! They look like azaleas.

  11. Your son will get over himself... LOL! Just remember what E.K-L says... And we enjoy your flower shots. Thanks for the smiles.


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