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Friday, June 15, 2012

Fancy Pink and Maroon Carnation

Fancy Carnation
I have always loved, and preferred to receive carnation flowers as gift over other flowers such as roses or daisies. There is just one simple reason, and that is they last so much longer than other. Thus, I get to enjoy seeing them more.

Deep Maroon Color
These maroon and light pink color went together so well, and very eye-catching. I spotted them in a bouquet at a cemetery. You may noticed that I mentioned cemetery a lot, and it might sound strange to you. However, it is summer, and my duty is to take care of my dad's grave. I do wander off some time :-)

Lovely Carnation
In this huge bouquet, there was another fancy pink carnation, but I don't see them often in flower shops around here. I just love these colors combo!

Have a great weekend...

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  1. So pretty and you are right they last so
    much longer!

  2. Oh what a pretty carnation! would love to find a plant like this and grow my own! Happy PS

    bee blessed

  3. What a gorgeous colored floral. I haven't seen this one before.
    Happy pinky weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  4. Carnations are lovely, but I still love the roses best.

  5. oh, so pretty, would love to have this but i have tried planting before and i did not succeed, it only lived for a short time until it blossomed :(

  6. Am I allowed to laugh, Mumsy? You SO reveal your Asian practicality! My honey and I often argue form against function, and you must be able to guess which one my China-born honey fights for! (Nothing serious, of course.) Sure, carnations last longer, but that wouldn't be enough reason to make it my favorite. :-) Having said that, the deep maroon and pink colors on these carnations are truly delicious!

  7. This is stunning. The flower is gorgeous and the photography is perfect.

    Darryl and Ruth :)

  8. Lovely carnation! Visiting from Pink Saturday!

  9. What a gorgeous flower captured beautifully!
    I just love the color!


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