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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

D Is For Dandelion

Dandelion Bud
Positively, absolutely everyone has dandelion in their yard, I think, I believe, or at least see these yellow faces once or twice in your lives somewhere, sometime!

Before we even realize their amazing health benefits, Mother Nature knew and provided us with plenty of them. You can find them in your salad mixed greens bag at the market. You eat them! Farmers grow them!

Mature Dandelion Flower
Many of us took pictures of yellow dandelion flowers in their prime, so you know what they already look like. I will skip this part, and show you dandelion at the end. You know, when the dandelions at the stage where you blow on them and watch them fly away.

Not Many Left After the Rain
Maybe I am being sentimental, but I am drawn to the end of the flowers' stage. There is something still beautiful about their final departure. They once live well admired, and now they are leaving, with much indifference!

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  1. I totally agree with you about the end of the flower stage, and I love every one of these photos of the dandelion. Thanks for stopping by, I am back on line now :)

  2. You are so gifted at finding beauty in what many of us gloss over as ugly! Dandelions are indeed lovely!

  3. Well, you did a good job of reminding me that something that I typically don't care for actually has a good use. And your pics help with that story!

  4. wonderful photos. My Grandmother used to make dandelion wine.

  5. And now I"m feeling guilty about having finally gotten rid of all of ours.... : P

  6. so beautiful, i love how you look at the end of the flower stage, yes, there is still something beautiful about their departure, from start to their end they give us a beautiful message.

  7. I had an uncle who made dandelion wine, but I never tried it! Maybe I'll have to try making it one of these summers.

    Your photos are lovely!

  8. Yep, those dandelion greens are really healthy to eat!


  9. You took wonderful photos of this dandelion, Mumsy, especially the last one! I've never eaten dandelion greens --I've heard they taste bitter.

  10. Oh I love dandelion greens. I have not had them in many years. I used to date and Italian guy whose Mom would make them every first I was unsure but then I got hooked.

  11. One of my little Yorkies loved to run around biting the little white puff balls where ever and when ever she say them. It was so cute. I like the photo of the end stage of the flower also!

    1. VBR,
      I can't access your blog, as it said "profile not found"..So sorry I can't return a visit!

  12. My favorite thing as a child was to blow on them while making a wish. My daughter loves to do that too!

  13. hello, I love the last dandelion shot, I also wrote some weeks ago about being able to add them to salads-glad to see other people have +share this knowledge too:-) happy weekend from tulipland Holland!

  14. I think dandelions are fascinating.

  15. Your photos make the dandelion look so beautiful!
    I have eaten dandelion greens before.

  16. Thanks for reminding me to remember to enjoy the simple things. We don't have dandelions in our lawn here in south Florida so your photos, the first one especially, was a nice reminder of one of the hallmarks of summer.

  17. It's gorgeous. I love the yellow and the bud itself.

  18. My Grandmother always harvested dandelion greens...she even made some (as I remember, pretty nasty) wine as well from them.

    It's neat to see a close up like that.

    They really are a delightfully happy flower, aren't they?

    Thanks for linking!



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