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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

X Is For Xeric

The letter X has been staring at me for the last couple of weeks! I can't find one word that I can relate to or write about. I have already done Xanadu, Xenophobia, (twice, for your information), and I am not about to repeat this one again.

Xeric comes popping out of the dictionary! Can I work with this word? It means: "Relating or adapted to an extremely dry habitat. Succulents such as cacti, aloes, and agaves are xeric plants."

At this time of the year, I think I should be in the tropical area, and soaking in the sun to ease the pain and ache in my body. My fingers are still out of whack with the constant changes of the weather. Rain, windy, and cold! As I am growing older, I can feel more of the pain, vividly!

Moving away is not possible right now, but it is still a dream and a wish! How to get there is another question. Maybe I should sign up at Make a Wish Foundation, or beg them to start one for people like me who has a will but not a way!

Maybe it is best to float along with the current of life, and leave it all up to the universe...

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  1. No doubt about it, X is an X-tremely difficult letter. :))

  2. I say make a plan and then take one step towards it every chance you can...

    you never know where that might lead you...

  3. I identify with your body feeling the aches and pains of cold rainy weather, but I am quite happy to stay where I am even though it's not "Xeric"!

  4. I'm hoping the weather stabilizes for you soon so you won't hurt so much!! Thanks for the sweet comment on my post!!

  5. I'd sign up with that Make a Wish organization too! Maybe we could start a bloggers island! :)

  6. Yep, follow your only get one chance here ya know. Make it happen!

  7. the picture, though very beautiful and peaceful, but it speaks strongly of cold looking forward to warmth which may be far but there is a promise or hope.

  8. I hope your dream comes true one day...


  9. I can't cope with coldness. it's I am usually 5 degrees colder than most due to meds.

  10. Funny how we grow up with pains here and there most our a child my mother would say...don't worry they're just growing pains...get a bit older oh well you're working too hard, not exercising enough! Ha, ha she always had a way of making bad things better! Love your photo so much who really needs a story about the letter X anyway right! This was a great read!

  11. I like this word and the post! We are having such dry weather I am starting not to like it! :(
    Terrific photos too.
    Have a great weekend It s just around the corner!

  12. How about xavier Cugat? I am
    laughting at myself. Need more coffee.
    Have a great weekend.

  13. I would love to feel dry warm weather ... so make a plan ... and take one little step at a time, and maybe you will find your dry warm space ...

  14. Such an intriguing word. I like your choice.

  15. If you find that organization for 'Will but no Way!' let me know!

    I love this xcellent word and your intriquing post!

    I hope the way finds you someday soon so you can escape to follow your dreams!

    Thanks for linking!



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