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Friday, May 18, 2012

Pink Mini Rose

Mini Rose
I spotted this mini rose bush at the cemetery while planting some flowers at my dad's grave. The shiny pink color was so striking that I had to take a break from what I was doing, and just clicked at my camera.

A Pair of Mini Roses
These beautiful mini roses were the size of a half dollar coin, if not smaller! Though small, they were not lack in attracting admirer like me.

Mini Rose Glowing Inside
With the sun shine on that day, this mini rose was glowing from the inside, and just took my breath away. I didn't think that the mini rose bush would survive the harsh winter cold or the burning sun of summer. They are delicate looking, but tough enough to withstand the weather.

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  1. There is nothing more beautiful than roses. To think you found something so beautiful while at your dad's grave. Maybe it was him speaking to you?

  2. indeed, it glows from the inside, so beautiful and breathtaking indeed. can't imagine they are that small, but nevertheless, huge in beauty.

  3. Such a pretty rose! The color is beautiful.

  4. It is glowing, illuminating! I had some of the these mine rose bushes and they only lasted for the year.

  5. So beautiful. Amazing colors. Have a great week. Greetings from Romania.

  6. Hard to believe that is a mini rose. See the bugs on them? Sometimes roses get this kind of green bugs.

  7. Oh how pretty, that rose is absolutely glowing. What a treat for you to find it

  8. It's a lovely color -- wonderful captures! :)

  9. the mini-roses are every bit as beautiful as the others; lovely snap.

  10. Geek Son bought me one for Mother's Day. I do so hope it will survive the winter in my rose garden.

    What a beautiful color that one is!

    God bless and have an amazin' day sweetie!!! :o)

  11. My friend,
    In my opinion, roses in any color is just beautiful. There is no one who won't appreciate a rose when given. Great picture my dear and thanks for sharing.


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