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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Is For Aster Flower

Ant On White Aster
We are now into the fifth round of Alphabe-Thursday! Mrs. Jenny Matlock had us go straight away into summer school without having enough time to prepare or finding our Alphabe path.

Therefore, I am going to choose a subject for this series, and that is Alphabe-Flowers! Hopefully, I will find a flower for every letter. Since it is summer and not many people want to read or have time; it is only appropriate to do light posts.

So A is for Aster, wild white aster flowers!
Aster after the rain
Late in the summer the wild aster came profusely around my yard. I love them, and photographed the heck out of them. Each year I can see the improvement in my skill of taking pictures. I guess practices did it for me.

Though the asters grew wild, they are still beautiful and have their own charm. I have seen them in pink and deep lavender, but I don't have them around my dwelling.

Curling aster petals
Some asters have beautiful yellow heart, and some, like this one above, have red heart. I like the curling petals on this aster. I think she spent lots of time beautifying herself.

Bless you for READING!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful, Mumsy! Love them!

  2. beauiful detail!!
    I am your newest follower..

  3. Very beautiful white flowers.
    Good new day for you, Marit Norway

  4. I love that you will be celebrating flowers this time around! Fun...and pretty pictures too.

  5. I love asters, too!
    great photos! It's always fun when you can find an insect enjoying itself upon a flower!

  6. Great photos, Mumsy! Asters are such hardy flowers, and soooo dependable. They always show up, year after year.

  7. Love the Asters. I have to agree with you, I love the curling aster petals. She does look lovely.

  8. They are gorgeous photos and flowers! xo Jenny

  9. Asters are so cheerful!


  10. Beautiful...especially the last shot!!

  11. great idea for your theme! Alphabe-flowers! It will be fun to see the flowers each week. Your photos are gorgeous!

  12. Amazing photos! Good luck finding a flower for each letter. The Asters are a wonderful start.

  13. Oh hooray, hooray! You're still here! This makes me so happy!

    I've always enjoyed your photography...I am so looking forward to following you through the alphabet with this theme!

    Your colors are so intense. I think you are an amazing photographer!



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