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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

B Is For Blanket

Beginning Bud With Yellow Center
Blanket Flower Bud
The Gaillardia, commonly known as blanket flower, this beautiful and colorful flower last long into late fall! It can withstand the hot sun, and the cold temperature. I know this as a fact since I witnessed it growing at the cemetery.

Red Blanket Flower
Beautiful Bloom of Blanket Flower
This gorgeous red bloom of blanket flower was eye catching in the sun. I maybe an odd person, but I found cemetery interesting, and there were always ample supply of different flowers to see.

Touch of Yellow
Touch of Yellow on Petals
Blanket flowers are varies in colors, from red, orange, yellow, maroon to mixes of yellow and orange. They are beautiful as well as show stoppers especially on a gray cold day.

At the end
When all the petals fell off, the seed-head remained for quite a while! It was just as interesting looking as the flower. This year the blanket flowers bloom earlier than usual and not as tall.

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  1. they are pretty, the petals look like silk !

  2. Such pretty flowers! The pics are GREAT! Just dropping by to say hello! THank you for visiting peaceful divas last week!

  3. Bardzo ładny kwiat i nie ważne, że rośnie też na cmentarzu. Tam też musi być kolorowo. Pozdrawiam.
    Very pretty flower, and never mind that it is growing in the cemetery. There also needs to be colorful. Yours.

  4. Great photos, Mumsy! Do you know the botanical name of the blanket flower? Just curious. Thanks for the comment on my "B" post!

  5. Lovely photos Mumsy. Funny name for those beautiful blooms!

  6. Those are pretty interesting. They go through so many phases!


  7. such an interesting flower ...i love the seed head, so interesting!

  8. they are very pretty flowers, even made more beautiful by your shots.

  9. Love these photos! The names are so interesting aren't they? Have a blessed weekend and enjoy this beauty!

  10. How beautiful! I didn't know the name of this flower!

  11. a beautiful flower, in all it's stages. very nice post.

  12. My friend,
    Beautiful, beautiful flowers!! Thanks for sharing.

  13. I love these flowers. They actually do really well here in our intense heat.

    And the colors are so saturated!

    It's really fun getting to see your mad photography skills this round!

    These were just beautiful.

    Thanks for linking.


  14. I don't know if I've seen this type of flower before... it's very pretty! Now I'm going to need to keep my eyes peeled for them!


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