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Monday, April 2, 2012

She Prays

Growing up with a religious belief, what important to Fairy Mother is prayer, but not the kind of praying that carries any deep meaning or developing a personal connection with God. The kind of praying Fairy Mother used to, is the recital ones from memory!

They were learned and chanted back, like echo in an empty field. Her whole life, she goes to church, and she chants her learned prayers as faithful as Jesus' disciples. She has never missed a Sunday mass. She is a loyal Catholic to the root of its tradition.

Whether Fairy Mother practices or applies what were taught to her as a young girl or not, remained for judgment day. She has many times, declared that God's rules and teaching are different from her own, and she does what she sees fit!

She preaches fear of God's punishments to her fairy children and grandchildren, but none of those punishments shall have anything to do with her. She believes that skipping mass on Sundays, and not chanting learned prayers days and nights are sins, for which she has never missed.

Meanwhile, nothing she does or says is sins in her little understanding. The brainwashing process from her childhood skipped one serious beat, and that is APPLYING/PRACTICING the teaching of God in real life-daily! Those that taught her to just go to church and saying learned prayers should have known better, as they themselves were priests and nuns. The only thing they have taught her is devotion, and she is very devoted to this notion but nothing else.

Hence, she prays...chanting the same old memorized words days after days...

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  1. Oh how I know so many people like this...some of them my very own family.

  2. There was a reason that Jesus was angry at the Pharisees. They, like Mother Fairy, were devoted to the letter of the law (and tradition) but had no room in their hearts for the love behind it!

  3. It's sad sometimes when the ritual has no meaning behind it. :(

  4. I was taught to pray that way by my mom and grandmother. Now I pray and worship differently. I am still grateful to them for teaching me to get down on my knees and pray for long hours.


  5. I do not envy her her lack of a personal relationship with Jesus. To say hollow words day in and day out must make the heart hollow too?

  6. I know someone like her...and I pray she sees the real light of faith soon...before it is too late...

  7. Thankfully the Catholic church I attend teaches differently... I'm sad that she just recites it but doesn't LIVE it, like I try SO hard to do...

  8. Very true Mumsy, very true. Always an interesting theory to me, as this still goes on today. Thanks for sharing this..very insightful!

  9. I love what you wrote about about application and practice.

    That's the rub, isn't it?

  10. Religion vs. Relationship, it's a struggle for so many that were raised with that guilt. But, There is no condemnation in Christ, sweet girl! Live in His grace! <3

  11. So you know my mother? Seriously- and sadly, there are many that miss the real blessings found in faith. I am intrigued with your blog.


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