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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Blogger New Dashboard

I don't like the new change on blogger, the what-so-called dashboard is such a terrible mess, and it will take me some times to get used to.

I like everything laid out like this:

And this, so they are all there when I need to know something:

I watched the video they have for the dashboard, and it isn't helping. They said it will make things easier, but it is not for me. Maybe I'm getting too old and comfortable with the way things were that this change is a shock to my behavior.

The new dashboard irritates me, as now I have to stare at my computer screen longer, and trying to find my way around. This is how the new interface looks, and they said it is better/easier. What gives? Where is everything go?

I wish blogger offers an option to keep the old interface for people like me. I like many features on the old dashboard, its simple look, and its user friendly icons/texts.

Blogger is also taken PicNik away, a photo software for quick editing out of the loop, and I love this photo editor since after editing, the photo is updated on my post automatically. Improvement is great, but when it is so much more complicated and time consuming, it is a pain!

What about you? Do you like the new interface?

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  1. Gosh haven't seen it yet, I hate change. yvonne

  2. It took me some time to get used to the new interface. Just when I did, I moved to wordpress. Now I am starting all over again. You will get used to it in about a week. FYI, Picasa now has the same options picnik did for photo editing, which is wonderful!

  3. I agree with you. But I had the option to go back to the old one, which I'm using now. It's in a button somewhere in the right side, forgot which one, but just try to explore all the buttons. I know you can find it the way I did.

  4. I HATE it and I refuse to use it...I went back to the old one, but I think its days are numbered...sigh...Like you, I couldn't manuever my way around the new interface. I have 3 major blogs and several other ones...sigh...

  5. I didn't like the change and switched back to the old layout.

  6. I moved to wp a while ago so I hadn't seen the new dashboard.

  7. I am with desertandbeyond...I hate it. won't use it. don't see the inmprovement and don't want to waste time. Very nice post.

  8. Ugh! Blogger. I just moved to WP. blogger's FREE. That's the one upside, but it's frustrating!

  9. I too hate the new interface. I tried it for about a week and then switched back to the old one. I couldn't find anything. It seems like things are hidden behind tabs now. Ugh!

  10. i am so used to the new interface that u forgot the old one, hopefully, you will find a way to go back to the old one.


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