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Monday, March 19, 2012

The War Within

Gathering in a group or family setting seemed to trigger unpleasant thoughts and feelings for Mother Fairy. She couldn't tolerate the noises that children made, nor could she tolerate the laughter or conversation between siblings.

For some reasons, happy occasions such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, etc. brought out her jealousy, twisted thoughts, and jabbing words. Her fairy children's feelings meant nothing to her, so were their effort and hard work in trying to please her.

Mother Fairy was an odd and unique species to say the least. Trying to figure her out would be as hard as trying to look for a diamond on the ocean floor. She could not grasp the concept that there are other lives beside hers. How can anyone explain to her that her existence is not and won't be the only existence on this earth, and that it involves everyone else around her also?

She plays the highest card in the deck of cards whether it is in her hands or not. She holds the card and she trumps the card with great conviction as the ultimate weapon.

No one is like Mother Fairy on this earth, but she is loved, cared for, and fully provided for by her fairy children even though when her heart is stoned cold. Maternal love was internally born deep into the fairy children, naturally, through the ancient teaching and practice.

There was very little room to wiggle, like a growing child in the womb, all curved up and waited for the right time to emerge into the light, only when the child was born, the mother wanted back inside her womb...

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  1. oh, i believe i know some other mother fairy, but maybe a milder mother fairy than yours. hopefully, some day, though it may look like remote, mother fairy sees the light of celebrating togetherness within family and that loving and caring is joyful to the heart.

  2. Oh my, LOVE your writing. I must come back and read this without rushing and comment appropriately. My computer is having some problems right now and I'm just running through quickly and thanking visitors for their comments. I look forward to stopping by again later this week.
    Much love!

  3. Raw and tragic beautifully shared. Regardless the age of the child, the harsh mother fairy can indeed inflict much pain and leave many scars.

  4. So sad, Mumsy! I hurt with you! And all the other fairy babies!

  5. A mother, because she means so much and is our first love, is the one we expect to love us unconditionally, so when the plan goes awry it is all the more devastating.

  6. Boy, did this ever stir up some emotions within me. My heart was broken by a 'Fairy Father'.

    He could be a duel person. Fun, and frolicking but his words could cut like a double edge sword. I could never do anything good enough. 'Nuff said.

    I will never write of this as long as my mother is living.

    This was a fine piece of work sweetie.

    God bless and have yourself a magnificent day!!! :o)


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