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Monday, March 26, 2012

She Talks

One remarkable trace about Mother Fairy is her ability to talk! She can talk, nonstop! As soon as she gets in the car with the Dust Fairy, she talks; and sometimes even before she could sit herself properly into the seat, she talks!

She talks as if her life is depending on it! She only takes a moment or so to breathe, and then she keeps on talking.

The more she talks, the deeper the Dust Fairy shuts down and shuts out the chattering noise.

The funny part is this: the conversation is always one sided. She is the innocent victim, and everyone is out to get her! She is never at fault, commits no sins, and always is right. She drudges up all the occurrences from years ago, and repeats, repeats every single time she sees her fairy children.

She talks about things that have nothing to do with her. She questions everyone's business as though it is hers. She advises ways to handle things when none of them is practical or could be apply to real life. She loves to talk, and she talks like someone is playing a recorded CD. Same thing all over, and over again and again!

Mother Fairy is never tired of talking, or repeating, or rehashing the same issue. She can't let go of the past or know how to stop talking about it. Her fairy children are forever overwhelmed listening to the same things.

Old people like to reminisce and that is understood, but when the reminiscing is all about the faults of others, it gets overbearing very fast. But she just talks, and talks, and talks...

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  1. I think it is one of their ways to release their personal stresses unknowing of the effect on others.

  2. you have a point. and i agree with you. :)

    sometimes, when they think and talk about the past, the fault and excuses of others, it jsut means that the pain was deep that they cant get over it. sad

  3. oh man, I am so glad someone else knows what it was like for me. she talks all the time.., more like complain or bitching because it isn't pleasant when she opens her mouth.


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