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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Q Is For Quest

Between taking care of my own home and my son, I had the added duties of caring for my elderly mother. It meant I have two houses to shop for food/things, and the running back and forth to visit her or took her to the doctor. Two days out of the week, whether I felt like it or not, my presence is required as I must supply the food and vegetables for 7 days.

It has not been easy on my beaten body, but she is my mom, and I do what I can to help caring for her. When I am exhausted and in pain, instead of writing, I seek for old movies or series to watch, and just allow myself to rot away until my spirit returned.

I am drawn to period drama, BBC series such as Downton Abbey, and old romantic movies. Somehow, my soul related to this period of time where a gentleman is a real gentleman, and a lady is a lady with frizzy dresses. My quest for these sorts of series/movies led me to some wonderful and fantastic stories. That good old world had so much pride and prejudice, but also had great values, dignity, and integrity.

I thought I was odd, but there are so many people who treasured this same sentiment as I do on YouTube, and they spent time uploading these period drama series and movies to share with others. Among my favorites are: The Lady In White, The Moth, Fire Light, North and South, Persuasion, and many more.

What bothering me is that when I am in this mood, I lost myself and drown in the world that was way past! I longed to be in that world despite all the hardships that women had to endure. Crazy, isn't it? But I'm not a lunatic or anything; I just thought I was born in a wrong century!

Or maybe it was just my fantasy and a way for my tiring soul and body to forget the disappointments in this real life of mine.

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  1. I can understand where you are coming from. Sometimes we need a break from where we are so that we can 'come back' with renewed energy!

  2. I think when people feel down or depressed they try to escape. Some people like to read, others shop, or eat chocolate, or sleep, or listen to happy music. And some people do dangerous things like drink too much or take drugs. You choose happy escapes.

  3. I think fantasizing is an escape from reality. I've always played with a child and now as an adult. When I'm feeling stressed I start rearranging my doll collection, set up new scenes for them, etc. It's either that or have a beer, so I guess it's better that I play in my doll world.

  4. I could use an escape right about now! I can relate. A book or drama is perfect.

  5. Being able to renew yourself by immersing your mind in old films or series about days gone by is something that you should do. Having much responsibilities you must do something frivilous and yes, dare I say it, selfish - something just for you. There are many of us out here who love the old movies and who cheered when the news that Downton Abbey was renewed for another season was announced!

  6. Oh, but those movies are so beautiful!! I love the way the people are so reflective and the so many meaningful thoughts and things to learn in them. I agree. It does make one feel taken away!! :)

  7. A little escape from reality is not all bad. We all need to seek quality in our lives in whatever way is most meaningful to us.

  8. I like those old movies, too. We all need to escape once in a while!


  9. I love the escape that books and tv can offer sometimes!

    It just feels when the world gets overwhelming, it's nice to escape to a more peaceful place of quiet and harmony.

    Thanks for a thoughtful and lovely link this week.


  10. Loved your post, and can relate- I watched "Little Women" yesterday lol


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