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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

P Is For Pompous

It is hard to justify why certain people like to be fake with others, but they are out there! They say one thing but never mean any of it. Then there are people who are arrogant because of their status, or a step up in society level of income. These are pompous people!

I have relatives that made plain lie accusations against me to another, and counted everything they did for me, even though the occasions were rare compared to what I did for them. The result was formed on behalf of my poor circumstances, and my physicality.

Keeping track of what I did for others was not my priority, but these snobbish people sure count everything to the bones. The bother thing to me was that the receiving end who heard these allegations believed them and then turned around to question me. I dislike justifying myself, or dug up what I have done for them in my defense.

I have never found the need to belittle another human being, nor have the desire to think that I'm above them. This earthy life is temporary, and so are the possessions in it. Things could change in a matter of second! You could sit on top of the world one day and down in the gutter the next. Thus, to make oneself feels superior, luckier, and pretentious is beyond me.

I came to realize that I react more with compassion and my heart than my mind. I don't calculate my steps or question other people's intention. When someone asked me to join them, I would do it if I had no other obligations. I don't sit there and analyze their thinking, or their purpose. Their view, however, was that I depend on them, and that they had to do everything for me.

It is ostentatious to trap or treat people this way. Why bother to ask if the intention of spending time together was not there, but to talk bad later? Why victimize others for the sole reason of self-important? To feel superior, lucky and rich must worth what they think of themselves! It is all pompous, just pompous...

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  1. I have some people like that in my life also...

    They are a pain in the *>H&>>

  2. Pompous... I remember my mom
    telling my father, "He was just that"
    Might just be the only time I've heard anyone say that to another.
    Enjoyed your read.

  3. It just never ceases to amaze me why people do what they do. People should really try to be a bit nicer, that would be progress, another word with P....

  4. Ah yes, I had a program in AppleWorks that warned me if I was using a pompous sentence, and to remove it.....being pompous is not a good way to ever be.

  5. Hello.
    I know of those kind of people...they even exist in my own family. They just don't know how to behave or when to keep their mouths shut. That's why I choose not to be amongst them.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Those people think very little OF THEMSELVES. That's why they do what they do.

    Still, it's hurtful. I'm sorry.

  7. I wonder if people like this realize their impact on others.

  8. Oh, I can totally relate to this one! Luckily, it is not family or friends that are like this, but I have come across some nasty bloggers. Whoops - can I say that? The need to belittle or say things about another person is inappropriate. I really do feel for you so "P" is indeed for pompous.

  9. Be very glad that you are not like that, Mumsy, as I honestly think pompous people are not happy. They hide their insecurity by acting like they are better than other people.

  10. I think we all know someone like this! I am sure I work with them! I am in miserable work situation. It is best to travel as far away from these types of personalities! Ugh! Great post. Thanks for sharing.

  11. "Why bother to ask if the intention of spending time together was not there, but to talk bad later? Why victimize others for the sole reason of self-important? "----i have several people in my life also, i try hard to get out of them but i think i have been entangled no matter what that i have no place to get out or get away from them.

  12. I think most people who act unkindly towards others do so out of their own insecurities. Too bad for them. But sad for those who are the objects of their pomposity or other bad behavior.

  13. My sister was one who always talked bad about other family members, and I wondered what she said about me behind my back. It never really bothered me not to know, however. People who do that generally get what is coming to them!!

  14. I am not a fan of pompous.

    I am not a fan of anyone who is hurtful 'just because'.

    I always wonder if these people are just so insecure they must cause pain in order to feel superior.

    I would feel sad for them but they're so ridiculously annoying that I can't!

    I share your feelings on this subject sweet lady.]

    Thank you for sharing them with all of us.]



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