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Monday, March 12, 2012

Misery Loves Companies

The fairy land rarely experienced peaceful and happy moments. Something was always wrong! Someone had to be dismissed. With three fairy children available, the choice was plenty for Mother Fairy to pick and choose which one of these fairies would be the unfortunate soul.

Living in her ancient belief, Mother Fairy had no concept on how to merge or change herself to catch up with the demand of today's world. Life in America provides many opportunities to improve, but it is also very busy and chaotic everyday.

Her life somehow, freeze, in her thought, and she wanted everyone to do the same. She could not train herself to be happy or at least just to have happy thoughts. She only felt alive when anger overcame and took possession of her being. Sad, yes! For her, and her children!

Whatever little time she had with her fairy children, she wanted more but not for the purpose of pleasantry! The more time she had with them, the better chance that misery would follow. It has never failed. Not even once!

Mother Fairy didn't like to be alone, but she could not get along with others either. This ridiculous dilemma had no solution or explanation. No one really truly knew why she was this way or what to do to please her. It was a tiring effort, always.

When Thanksgiving rolled in, Mother Fairy decided that her Golden Fairy, (one that worked outside the home), was not worthy, and refused to be in the same room with her. The fairy land was at war! If Mother Fairy dismissed one, the rest of the fairies were expected to follow her lead.

Thanksgiving was celebrated! Foods were on the table and all the fairies were gathered, but joy, happiness, and gratitude were missing. It was an occasion that everyone just wanted to quickly get over with...

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  1. If I had a magic wand, a real one...I'll turn her into an angel....:-)

  2. Oh, how sad. Life is way too short for Mother Fairy to be like this! The saying is true "Misery loves company."


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