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Monday, March 5, 2012

Generations' Curse

The unfavorable legend between mothers-in-law and in-laws exists since the beginning of time. Some have escaped this bewitching trap and went on with a great relationship. Others fell deep in the hole of no mercy and found themselves bickering at the tiniest useless things. Somehow, the chemistry just didn't measure up nor could be mixed together in one container.

Mother Fairy and her daughter-in-law belonged to the latter spectrum. In all honesty, even her fairy children failed to please her or made her happy, so there were no ways anybody could fill that shoes perfectly.

The fairy son, a deacon, torn apart between his duties as a son and as a husband! These two women in his life somehow love him, and torture him at the same. Favoring one side or the other had no desired outcomes, so the fairy son kept his mouth tight allowing whatever came, came to manifest. He whimpered no words as the Lord has taught him to endure!

When things heated up between Mother Fairy and the in-law, life of all the fairy children turned up side down, and everyone suffered this incurable disease of generations' curse. One believed that she was never at fault as a Mother. One desperately wanted to break out of this unbearable cycle.

Life in the fairy land was always on the verge of war! It could be as stupid as a slip of the tongue from one's innocent remark, or it could just be the way one breathes at a wrong moment.

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  1. I was lucky that my MIL wasn't too awful, but I've heard some pretty bad situations, like in your story!

  2. Yikes! Glad I'm not part of THAT family! :)

  3. This is one of the reasons I try extra hard not to be that type of mother in law or step mother. It is hard to walk the fine line.

  4. my mother in law softens when I am around :) sometimes my hubby or sisters and brothers in law ask me to talk to her so she calms down :)

  5. Both my husband and I do not have to worry about in-laws as both have passed away. I can see though how breathing at the wrong moment could set someone off.

  6. I am lucky I have a great first time to blogwalk and here and already having fun reading your thoughts...

  7. oh, I've found myself in situations such as this before...

  8. My mother in law passed away before i had a chance to meet her so we don't have in law issues.

  9. I am so lucky to have a wonderful family. Wouldn't want to have that mother-in-law!

  10. Mil relationships are usually complicated!

  11. I am so very lucky to have a wonderful MIL and I have sworn that I wouldn't be that type of MIL when the day comes.

  12. I love my MIL, in fact I jokingly cal her MMIL(meddling mother in law)

    however my first MIL was mean

  13. So sorry, that sounds like a difficult situation to be in. Wish I had some great advise born from experience but I never had the pleasure of meeting my mother-in-law.


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