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Monday, February 27, 2012

The Way It Was and Is

It is unknown as to why certain people take into their head that they are more superior to others, and that they have the right to hit, yelled, or mistreated other humans. Surely some of the rich earthy possessions might put them in a better advantage than the poor, but still that power should not be abused by any mean.

That being said, Mother Fairy does not belonged to this privileged group but in fact she, herself, has a struggled hard life. It is not something to be neither ashamed nor proud! It should be served as a lesson that every single soul on this earth has a position in life. No one has the right to overpower or belittled another!

There are times in life when we all exercise pride and arrogance to show that we are better than others, but to go to the extreme in thinking that one has the right to hit another blood and flesh should not be in practice whatsoever! For some people, shedding this belief could take long hard work of the constant challenging for self improvement, for others the tradition continues and they see nothing was wrong with that belief.

Unfortunately, Fairy Mother belongs to this latter category, and she ill-treated all the in-laws in the family, from  males to females. No in-laws were ever good enough for her fairy children, and no fairy children were ever good enough for her either. She is the queen in her little world and she truly believes that she has all the rights to her offspring's lives.

So this is the way of life in the fairy land, and the fables continue...

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  1. It's too bad there are so many Fairy Mothers in real life!

  2. this makes my heart aches since I know a lot of fairy mother's exist, i volunteered as tutor/mentor to abused kids back home in the philippines, i can see in the eyes of the kids the longing for love, and sadly, they were abused, either physically or sexually or both, by mostly members of their family. i do not know why some parents think they own their children and they have the right to do whatever that pleases them but is damaging physically, emotionally, and spiritually to the child.

  3. I knew a woman that had a Daughter in Law and she refuses to let the grandchildren see her. Later
    she was dead broke and came crawling back. Hoping for a LOAN. It is everywhere. Smart a-- kids.

    raw thought here too.

  4. Hi Mumsy Sweetie...
    Oh I love this post. I have been on the receiving end of some hurtful words and actions, and it is no fun. It cuts straight through to the heart. We learn to live with it, and get over it, but we never forget it.

    Thank you for sharing today. Just beautiful. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  5. It is very disturbing to be around this kind of behavior as well.

  6. It is amazing that anyone thinks they have the right to belittle another. Perhaps they were belittled? I would want to break the cycle, not continue it though.


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