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Monday, February 20, 2012

Unconventional Theory

In an effort to understand why Fairy Mother couldn't sleep, the Dust Fairy put a theory into place. Being over fifty, she found herself dozing off during the day even just for a few second of shut eyed. Naturally, the human body grew tiresome and weary.

After having seven teeth removed, and gum surgery, Fairy Mother still couldn't allow her body to take over. This excruciating pain alone should somehow knock a sensible person into oblivious. She, however, remained unyielding even after taken two Tylenol number 3 with codeine.

Shocking with this revelation, the Dust Fairy concluded that Fairy Mother has trained her body so well that it didn't know when it should be rested or when it was tired anymore!

It all made sense! When one had to work all night, one trained the body to stay up all night. Slowly, the body would be like clock-worked, and behaved accordingly.

It was painful for the Dust Fairy to realize that the result of Fairy Mother's resistance to sleep, was brought on by her fear of being alone and dead from living by herself for so many years.

She had and did what she must to survive in her own simple way!

The fault and guilt now shifted once the root of the problem was brought into the light..

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  1. Hopefully she'll be able to work it out and get some sleep now that she's figured out what's going on.

  2. I hope it's not yet too late for Mother Fairy to train herself to rest and trust that she is cared for.

  3. I know about being afraind to sleep, I am up all night with awful pain in my right leg, it's horrible.
    Fairy should take a good nap during the afternoon, like I do.
    Hope the Fairy feels better I had Implants, it was some ordeal.

  4. Sounds like perhaps the turning point of her story now that some light has shown upon the truth!

  5. I hope she will find peace and can sleep. That fear must've been so hard to deal with.

  6. Sounds like rest is much needed. Hope the body can retrain it's thoughts, which I believe is possible.

  7. She is not resting because her spirit is not at peace. Being alone and being happy is also a possible behavior. For her, she couldn't be content. I know I probably won't feel the same way, but all my life I wished that I was a lone for at least a month - and never had the opportunity.


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