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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

M Is For Manner

I was taught to have an impeccable manner at a very young age, and anything less than those unbending rules would lend me into big trouble.

  • Respect your elders 
  • never talk back 
  • only speak when addressed
  • say please and thank you 
  • neat appearance at all time
  • no elbows on the table
  • treat everyone decently
These were drilled into my brain for as long as I could remember. I carried this expectation and imprinted them into my children. Great manners made the world a bit more orderly and better. The levels of hierarchy fitted into place pleasantly.

Nowadays, I watched with amazement on how people acted. Manner disappeared like dinosaurs of the past. Adult male had no shame in rushing through an open door by a child for his mother, without feeling a bit embarrassed!  At time, I wondered where these people came from, or had he ever been taught to be a gentleman at all in his life.

It is very rare to see great manner in public places. Everyone for himself is the attitude! The rushing of life seems to be just that, rushing through, pushing through, and no one around is matter. You can fall right next to a man, and he wouldn't even say "are you alright"? It is true! It happened to me recently when I landed on my behind right next to a man, and he didn't blink or offered some assistance.

I still am trying to remind my children to have manner, offer help when the occasion arises, open door for when someone is struggling, and just be considerate and kind in general.

Manner is seriously lacking in my part of town, not all, but the majority of the ones I'm crossed, are men! Why is that? I don't know.

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  1. Excellent post Mumsu! I am a stickler on manners in our home as well. I often receive compliments from friends, teachers and even strangers on the manners my boys have. Makes me happy to hear. Your right though, they have fell to the wayside these days, and it is disappointing.

  2. I thought this word already gone. When I was in grade school I remember it too well we have Good Manners and Right Conduct subject. I don't know this days if they still have it. ^_^

  3. We are working on helping JDaniel develop manners too.

  4. Manners are part of living! I am unsure why so many have tossed them aside! I am thinking perhaps, no mother was raising these knuckleheads! I believe good manners are important! We taught our children manners too! My youngest son is 18 now and he still holds doors for me, walks behind me or at my side. He is a good kid!
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts here. I truly enjoyed reading your post!
    Enjoy the weekend! Anne

  5. M~ I so love this.. going through a divorce with 2 small children.. my youngest has taken on the "learned behaviors" of his father= disrespect your mother. Manners, I feel as though everything I instilled has been thrown out the window... I pray to God when they are back here with me....
    Cricket @ Gypsea Nurse

  6. Sometimes Manners and Men just don't Mix:)

  7. Manners have gone the way of thank you notes...sad.

  8. I have to say that I am proud of my children when it comes to manners. My son at 13 won't hesitate to grab bags and help an elderly carry them to her or his car. He holds the door when he sees people walking behind him, and will rush to help someone with a door if he sees them struggling with it. My daughter is the same though a little more timid when it comes to taking stuff to someones car. Table manners are a must in my house, they were drilled into my head as a child and I can't stand bad table manners.

  9. I am a stickler about manners and also instilled respect for them in my children. It's sad how more and more people seem to just not care about their fellow man enough to be polite or helpful...

  10. It's true. Many people (men and women) no longer have good manners. Very sad, I think!

  11. I am amazed at how rude people can be. Manners do matter!

  12. So many children these days are not taught good manners. I'm glad that my children and grandchildren have them!!

  13. It is definitely important to be kind and thoughtful! But I must admit that I bristle at some of the manner rules from the past. Of course, I was never was able to keep my elbows off the table! I also never liked to be told not to talk unless I'm talked to or children should be seen but not heard. Those always struck me as unfair!

  14. Manners and Morals are so important...

    They do seem to be dwindling but if you look hard there are some still floating around...

    Great post for the letter "M"!

    Thanks for linking.



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