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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

L Is For Late

I have no idea why, but for some reasons I am always the early arrival for everything. Whether it is to an appointment, or to a party or to the airport, I prefer to get to my destination before the time than to come late. This behavior some time annoys me and others since I tend to get jumpy if we are not on the road. I can't seem to relax.

Unless it is out of my control, such as when someone is driving, then I am forced into accepting but my nervousness stays insane at the same. Looking deep into my soul, I can't find any relation to this odd behavior.

I know being on time is a great attribute, but to show up an hour early is a strange notion that even I feel out of place. I arrive early, and I want to leave early as soon as the celebration took place. Maybe deep down inside I just want to fulfill my obligation, show up my face, and get it over with.

This week, I am actually late in writing my post, and visiting blogs. I usually have my posts written at least a week before time, but not lately. My heart and mind seem to work separately and at the opposite direction of each other. Unfortunately, it is the way life is sometimes!

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  1. I am usually early also. I hate being late so usually overcompensate and show up too early.

    Oh well!

  2. Me neither...never LATE that is! LEARNED it from my father who always got to church on Sunday before anyone else! He took great pride in being early...I don't think I do, I just don't want to be LATE. And so the saga continues!
    Happy L Day!

  3. I tend to be perpetually early too! Tis the perfectionist way! :) Hope you're doing well, Mumsy!

  4. Hmm, I see myself in how you describe the way you are. I'm impressed that you usually have your posts done early, I'm usually doing mine the day of the meme.
    We'll forgive you for being late this once.

  5. I may not be as extreme as you, but I definitely believe in being on time. I have had to make sacrifices to make them, but that is one thing I have always practiced. Being punctual.

  6. i am so like you, i hate to be late and i prefer to be early, but if i think i will be too early, i go somewhere close first and go to the meeting place just 15 minutes earlier. Hope all is well. Lovely macro.

  7. I used to be habitually on time, but I've married into a family that is habitually late. So now I'm habitually crazy! :)

  8. Ahhh.. I am the same way..but I too have been soooooo behind in my posts it is awful!
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. I had to learn to be late. I really didn't like being at an event at least a half hour before other people arrived.

  10. From a long time procrastinator I wish I had 10% of your need to be early.

  11. I know your pain...I am always early too...and to a fault so often, because most of the world doesn't work that way....and my family they are always running behind! So the important clocks are all about 15 minutes fast!!!

  12. I like to be just a teensy bit early...but I always take something along to read just in case I have to hang out in my car a little bit to kill some time!

    I think this is a good trait of yours...but one that many people seem 'allergic' to.

    Like most of the people in my own family!

    Thanks for a thoughtful link for the letter 'L'.

    I think you were right on time!


  13. Being on time is really important to me, so I usually leave a little earlier than I need to. Can't say I allow a whole hour, but I do understand the tendency...


  14. I think it's GREAT that you're early! Some people are always late and I think that;s very rude!

  15. This is a tough one! I am usually early but occasionally late! Just a few mints not like my SIL Lucy who says she will arrive at noon and shows up at 2! UGH1 Aggravation! Good post choice. Enjoy the week and come visit soon. Anne

  16. I like to be on time, but I don't like staying until the end. I am really a homebody at heart.


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