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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

K is For Kneeling

One of the most popular punishments for the children in my country was kneeling! Some people opted for the use of violence by beating the living day light of their victims, and some preferred to send the kids on their knees. Obviously, the later punishment was very rare and often carried out after the physical torture.

Kneeling for me was much more difficult to accomplish due to my handicapped. I was the only one that rather received the beating than kneeling. Once the beating stopped, it was done. It was over! Kneeling, however, was a dragging process and prolonging pain, mentally and physically.

My right leg had damaging muscles, nerves and veins, so I had no control of what it wanted to do or where it might end up. I could not kneel straight as my right knee ran from side to side when I tried, and I had  to resort to a slouching position. Thus, the torment, yelling, and bashing made this punishment impossible for me to comply.

I did wish so that I could kneel straight and normal as others to end my own suffering! Humiliation alone was more than enough for one soul to bear when no explanation could be understood or acknowledged the difficult situation I was in. My aunt's demand for straight up kneeling on my part was never meet to her satisfaction. Therefore, the result was after the beating, there was the kneeling, and then there was more beating.

Thinking that I was a rebel, my aunt's creative idea was to have me kneeling on the peel of jack-fruit in the middle of the afternoon sun. The pokey pointy part of the peel outside the jack-fruit cut through my skin and I bled, but I still could not kneel straight. In church, she often smacked the back of my head toward when catching me in a slouching position, and yes, I carried a big bump on my forehead every day like it was a normal part of my body, as it hit the pew.

I was not fond of kneeling in any shape or form or type. The nightmare of kneeling in my childhood scarred me to this day!

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  1. Oh Mumsey, I hope there is some sort of accountability for people like your aunt in the next life...

  2. I agree...I'd totally take the spanking. Yikes!

  3. If only some other adult would have said something, or were all the nuns pretty much the same? Maybe your aunt had been abused as a child and that's why she was so cruel.

  4. What a heart breaking life. I never knew of this about kneeling. I so thankful you survived and making a different life now. It breaks my hear to think anyone, especially a child, would be subjected to such treatment. Thank good goodness, I live in Texas. Things are not perfect here, but that is not a custom.

  5. My knees are so worn, that I cannot kneel anymore! I feel your pain!!!

  6. Sorry to hear about your experience, it is painful, especially the humiliation part of not being able to kneel as others expected. We were not beaten as punishment when we were younger, but yes, our father asked us to kneel for a specified time, actually, until we can explain what was the reason why we were asked to do so and how we can better or correct it, thus, it can be a very quick one, if we acknowledge and offer better solution. However, if we repeat it again, my father would bring us to nearby cemetery, which unknown to him, we actually enjoyed it, since we find the cemetery so peaceful, so beautiful, and we would dream there with the flowers and the plants. Only later he realized it was no punishment, because we would resist leaving the cemetery :)

  7. Mummy, that sounds absolutely horrific. I'm sad for what you've endured

  8. It's impossible to understand why your aunt felt the need to be so cruel.

  9. It's impossible for me to understand why your aunt felt the need to be so cruel!

  10. Your aunt sounds like she needed prayer. What a terrible thing to do!

  11. I remember those days! Crazy! My children got it so good. Good for them though...I we have enough problems already!

  12. Just unconscionable. I'm sorry you had to experience that kind of abuse.


  13. After reading this, I'd like to head slap your Aunt. My right leg was so bad yeaserday I had no controle of it and woke up at 3 with Pain. I can't imagine a
    child going through this. You are
    truly a survivor.

  14. Oh my..... and to carry your story just a bit farther, on this subject of knees, finally some teachers are getting it...when it comes to like our girls in dance lines...I mean seriously...we have to begin to think of our bodies before it's too late.....

  15. Kneeling was not intended as punishment. It was meant for communion and humbling before God. She twisted the whole thing up! I am so sorry for what you endured. We know it was cruel and senseless.

  16. Such an unfortunate childhood...

    Hopefully you are surrounded by Kind people today and the humiliation and suffering no longer has to be present, at least physically...

    Thanks for sharing this for the letter "K"...

    Great job,



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