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Monday, February 13, 2012

The Contradiction Tug

There were two main things that Fairy Mother is afraid of: being alone at night, and dead. It was not as if she hasn't stayed all by herself before. She has stayed alone in California before July's Wind brought her back here. However, once she set foot back in Michigan, with three fairy children available, Fairy Mother played the scary game.

She would tell the fairies about the horrid news of murders that she has heard or read in the paper. There was nothing that anyone could convince her otherwise. Every little noise in the house sent her into a frantic notion that someone was out to kill her. She couldn't be alone at night because of fear; thus, she couldn't go to sleep!

And yet, Fairy Mother was also afraid to sleep! She repeated many times to her fairy children that if she closed her eyes, she wouldn't wake up again because she knew of people who just died in their sleep. Therefore, the fear of dead came into an agonizing contradiction tug.

During the day, she refused to lie down for a rest, or catch a few seconds of shut eyed. This was her most turbulent fear! Fear of dying! Fear of death! At 80 something, most normal people would have to catch a nap or two. Fairy Mother never ever gave in to her physical exhaustion! She fought it since the fear of death was just too strong for her to surrender.

Now the contradiction even went further, and that was, if she died while being alone, no one would know that she was dead for days, or the reason why she was killed or why she has to die! Her endless reasoning and nonsensical fear had the fairy children twisted around her finger tips! It was her way of keeping a hold on them, one might assume, maybe...

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  1. it sounds sad, hopefully, when it is our turn to get old, we'll make it easier for our love ones.

  2. Now that must be a terrible feeling to be so afraid of dying in your sleep that you cannot get any sleep at all!


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