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Monday, January 2, 2012

Sleeping Over

While Mother Fairy lived at the fairy son's home, her grand-fairies and daughter took turn to come over and spent the night as Mother Fairy was afraid to be alone. There were so many reasons and excuses, all legitimate, for Mother Fairy to use and for the fairies to comply. It was only right, and it was what needed to be done as A New Chapter has begun.

Culture and tradition played a heavy role in the fairies' lives! In fact, parents usually owned their offsprings' lives, and in the hands of skillful/wicked mind, the table often flipped to their advantage, leaving the children in reckless turmoil.

Needless to say, for six weeks each fairies either came to sleep over, or took Mother Fairy home for the weekend. Stress started building as high as a mountain as the fairies growing tired and weary. You see, all the fairies were now adults and have a different way of living, routine, important things to do, etc. It was not easy to pack up and sleeping on the couch night after night.

They were all waiting and wishing for a break! They all wanted to get back to their normal life! It boggled their mind that just a few weeks ago Mother Fairy lived by herself just fine, but here, she had a total different attitude. Giving her age, the fairies put in their best effort to accommodate her wants and wishes.

Two weeks before the fairy son came back, the grand children decided to cut down the sleeping over pattern,  and allowed her to stay by herself one day a week. With school and work schedule, they all hoped that Mother would soon realize that her life and their lives were in conflict. Her dependency and demanding on attention wore everyone down like a sinker in the water.

As the saga continues, the two fairy daughters, and son were left dealing with Mother Fairy ever changing moods...

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  1. So good to find your site!!

    Happy New Years to you and yours! All the Best in 2012!


    Art by Karena

  2. oh, I can understand very well how a conflict would arise in such situation, hoping all will go well and something can be resolved within the fairy family.

  3. ahhh families and their dynamics are so difficult at times...
    stopped in from Just Write

  4. Also here from Just Write.

    I have a fairy grandmother who goes from one fairy child to another . . . mostly, it's all good, but sometimes not so much.

  5. It can be so difficult to find a good balance in a dynamic like this. Hoping for a magical solution to the fairy family's problems.

  6. We have fairy mothers, fairy children but we need a wand and a fairy godmother!!


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