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Friday, January 6, 2012

Pretty Deep Pink Flowers

Deep Pink Flowers
Not sure what these flowers are called, but they were very attractive looking in this deep pink color, and in the light pink color that I have shown here last year too. Some think that they are snapdragon, and some think that they are a type of orchid.

Closer Look
I like the well in the heart of these flowers. They were very unique and interesting looking. My quest for this year is to look for the name of these flowers, just to satisfy my curiosity.

Snapdragons Or Orchids?
Looking through these photos, I could see part of the leaves, and it resembled the snapdragon's leaves! Could they be another variety of snapdragons, or could they be another type of orchids?

Wish you all a wonderful first weekend of the New Year!

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  1. They really do not exactly look like either one. Whatever they are, simple gorgeous. I loved seeing them.

  2. very beautiful shots of this beautiful flower mumsy, i however am no help in identifying this flower. i came across this before, but i could not find my file where i kept its name and my memory is failing me :(

  3. Looks like a small trumpet vine
    flower except, never saw pink.
    What ever--- it is pretty. yvonne

  4. Even though no one quite can identify this gorgeous little blossum, it is really a beauty!!
    Thanks for sharing it with us!!

  5. I love the intense fuschia color of those flowers! Beautiful images!

  6. I don't know names of plants or flowers I have more of a black thumb :) But they are definitely gorgeous!

  7. What gorgeous shots! Love the color! Makes me long for summer!

  8. lovely! to me it was like an orchid :)

  9. I have no idea what it is, but it sure is pretty!

  10. Beautiful, vibrant color and wonderful shots!

  11. beautiful shots, love how you can see the little spots.....

  12. I have no idea what they are either - except for gorgeous! Wonderful macro shot, you really captured it all!!

  13. Beautiful photos and now I want to know what they are as well. If I find an answer, I will let you know. Thanks for sharing this pink beauty.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  14. Gorgeous shots Mumsy. What a lovely color this flower has.

    Wishing you much happiness for the new year!

  15. I was all set to say that the inside part of the flower looked more like an orchid to me, then I think you were leaning back to the snapdragon guess! Ha! Whatever it is, it's quite a flower and such a charming color!

  16. Gorgeous shots, I have no idea what they are, but I love the little spots and the pretty colors.


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