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Monday, January 9, 2012

A Predicament Web

Once the fairy son came home, the sleeping over routine stopped, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. The fairy grandchildren got their life back to somewhat normal beats. The daily chores of visiting and spending the night got taken off the schedule for them.

As the new saga began, the three fairy children needed to re-organize their life, their routine, and their priority to accommodate Fairy Mother. Being in an older generation, she spared her son of most household chores, and rarely asked him for any help.

The fairy son has his own "deacony" duties, and takes some classes at school.

One of the fairy daughters has a job and the other one works at home. Now, having a job outside the home as you all know, gets more respect than a home bound person in the eyes of society.

Mother Fairy was no different! The words "work at home" meant very much as "doing nothing all day!" So she called the work-at-home daughter (let's called her Dust Fairy) when she got bored any time, any day to "come over and play" or when she felt "sad and lonely". She refused to understand or comprehend the concept of "working at home", meaning you still work, but just at home.

Dust Fairy came to take her to the grocery, to window shopping, or to the dentist. The pressure and frustration built up as the daughter saw no way out of this predicament. Helping her mother was not a problem, but to be treated as un-importance was, and making herself disposable on demand was hard to comply. She is caught in a tangle web!

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  1. Mumsy....Reading your words is such a treat. or should have been an English teacher. I taught writing for years to sixth graders, and it was a treat each day. When a child returned home and users the routine and expectation of the younger children in the home presents quite a mammoth problem for the mom. Good luck. genie

  2. I agree with Genie Mumsy, always a treat to read your so well written thoughts.

  3. Your thoughts written down is a good read Mumsy. It is a talent to be able to write like you. Thank yu for sharing today.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  4. oh, mumsy, I can very well feel the predicament of daughter fairy, sadly, some people still are not very familiar yet with work-at-home, hope mother fairy will realize soon that work-at-home is work.

  5. Oh, poor daughter fairy! I would be angry as well! I hope she finds the balance she seems to desperately seek!

  6. Work is work wherever performed and sometimes one works harder at home as they are a more demanding boss. lol


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