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Monday, January 30, 2012

Moving Stones

While others chose to hide the truth, the reality, the disappointments, and the harsh part of life, the Dust Fairy daughter continued to move one small pebble at a time with her Fairy Mother. She minded her manner, and opted for impeccable timing to push the stone a bit off the scale further. At time, she thought her effort was working, but at time watching her mother in full swing of destructive behavior, the Dust Fairy just wanted to disappear.

She cut off as much as she could with the negative energy by walking away, or by bluntly told her Fairy Mother "I don't want to hear about it"! It was a delicate matter, and must be handled sparingly. For so long, Fairy Mother used to say what she wanted to say, right or wrong, good or bad; her verbal expression blurted out exactly how she felt at the moment she felt it. She cared not about hurting other people's feeling or how vulgar it was to hear.

The need to satisfy her urge of talking was much greater than to pay attention to what coming out of her. The Dust Fairy knew that. She listened to some. She ignored some. And she cut off some. Mother Fairy had no choice but to be quiet when no one was listening.

She learned, very little, that her old ways turned people off. She caught herself some times, and loudly reminded herself that nobody wanted to listen to her in her most sarcastic voice.

That, however, was good enough for all the fairies to see a little light of hope. They knew quite well that expecting a complete change was impossible with Mother Fairy. She was too set in her own ways, but to minimize the pain for all relation was in order, and it had to be done now.

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  1. Beautifully written thoughts Mumsy!

  2. Words can be be very hurtful. I hope that she toned those harsh words down over time!

  3. hope that Mother Fairy continues to see the light on being gentle with her words.

  4. I love how you write "[she]had no choice but to be quiet when no one was listening"!

  5. Complete changes are hard- but some change is possible!


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