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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Changes In the Moon

The world through Mother Fairy's view is very small, and she often has no idea what it takes to live without her protected bubble. She dictated and gave command on what to do as if everything must conform to how she thought it should be. If anyone had the notion of explaining how it was done in reality, Mother Fairy would retreat to her favorite response of "how stupid", and held on to her idea to say the same thing at her next convenient.

With this kind of attitude, the fairies just allowed it to be, and walked away from confrontation. It was not productive to keep trying when the other party had made up her mind to see things how she wanted to see things, or how she saw things the way they should be.

Scramble to find a harmonious medium, one fairy daughter took on a daunting task of setting Mother Fairy straight. For some reason, the daughter knew in her mind and heart that if Mother Fairy continued on her destructive behaviors of shutting out all relationship, hurtful accusations, behaving badly, demanding for affection, requiring selfish attention, getting her ways, etc; that would lead to nothing but disaster!

Mother Fairy could only get older, and with such ill behaviors, she would meet the reality like a beating drum in her ears. If and when she needed the assistance of others beside her own children for medical care, she would have to be as her utmost sensible as possible. The daughter thought long and hard to find a way to break the thick mold to prepare her mother for what it might be.

She started by talking back in a subtle manner and consistently justified the wrong to right, the meanness to goodness. Slowly, very slowly,like changes in the moon, the daughter saw a tiny slight shift in her mother attitude.

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  1. Not even fairies can live in a protected bubble forever!

  2. I so wish there was a protective bubble. I would love to keep my son away from many of the dangers on the world.


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