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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A New Chapter

Mother Fairy decided to play a new game, and that was to be mad at all her offspring for as long as she could hold out. She refused to talk to anyone, and wouldn't come inside her fairy children's dwelling. The game was on, and everyone played along with the intention to show Mother Fairy that it was her game, no one else!

In the land of fairy, the invisible fuel was very hostile and ready to burst into flame. They felt bad for the fairy son, who Mother Fairy chose to stay with. No one had a choice. She ruled. She picked who she wanted to stay with, or who she could manipulate.

The fairy children carried out their duties with her, and took her to pick out her own dwelling. It was best for her to have her own place, arranged how she wanted, or did whatever.

This charade went on for the entire week. If you peep into the fairy land, you would see the fairy children gasped for air, almost as if you would watch fishes in shallow water. Mother Fairy had no pity for them, or slightly felt for their suffering. Her happiness, wants and wishes, had to be on the top priority of everyone else's list!

July's wind arrived to find a permanent home, and brought with it destruction to lay the path!

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  1. I love these magical tales you weave!

  2. oh, beautiful pictures, hope Mother Fairy sees the beauty in life if she would make the life of the Fairy kids easier by listening to them too

  3. Mother Fairy sounds very selfish! I hope she learns to be kind.

  4. Such a great post! Mother Fairy sounds selfish!

  5. Mother Fairy could be my Mother in Law... seriously, EXACTLY like her!


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