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Monday, December 5, 2011

Mother Fairy

As soon as Mother Fairy arrived, she threw a fit! She turned her back on the people that she has ridden on for her journey to her root. Accusations of this and that, all little, were unavoidable. She played her game well to draw pity and attention. Her fairy son knew not what to say or do. Her fairy daughters scattered in smoggy thoughts. Never can a solution be found for any situation!

They all saw this side of her before, many times, continuously all through their pathetic lives. Mother Fairy sat on a pedestal and pointed her fingers at the faults that others have committed against her thoughts and feelings. Moreover, her thoughts and feelings were never wrong! They were supreme!

Fairy son and daughters turned to deaf ears and blinded eyes. They left her be. It was only a few hours old since her arrival to play the begging game. Her residency was permanent and ongoing long into the future. It was no longer was a couple of weeks visitation.

The fairies stood together, and encouraged each other to not take part in her scheme for the sake of their future. They checked on her tantrum with kind words, and walked away without sacrifice oneself to make her happy.

Mother Fairy rolled herself down from the couch to the floor in a desperate attempt that someone in her kingdom would come and be her victim. The fairies came to look on her, but would not stick around or join in the game of deceiving and depriving others of joy. After realizing her defeat, Mother Fairy got up by herself, and brew a pot of new potions.

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  1. Mother fairy deserved to be all by herself! Your words are so powerful and well written Mumsy!

  2. I guess you can only count on yourself in the end, huh?

  3. Mumsy, that is some story about Fairyland. Enjoy life to the fullest, BE-D0-Have!

    (Re:ginger, i might have sown confusion in my article, although i mentioned the differences there for 3 kinds of ginger. Both Curmuma species and Zigiber species are in the family of ginger Zingiberaceae, but our common ginger, Zingiber oficinale, flowers unlike those i posted of Curcuma elata.

  4. I'm glad she was left all alone in the end. She sounds like a terrible fairy. Let her try and brew another pot Mumsy!

  5. This is so very whimsical and woven, with a lesson masterfully placed within- lovely!

  6. What wise son and daughter fairies. It's such an easy web to fall into.

  7. The fairy children are very wise to treat mother fairy like a toddler with a tantrum. Perhaps the fairy mother will abandon her tantrums when she sees they are not effective.


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