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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

F Is For Fantasy

As vaguely as I remembered when coming home for the summer, I loved looking at the Sears catalog that my two older sisters brought home. That catalog was like a dream land for all the girls in my family and neighboring kids. We opened each page, and devoured slowly, carefully like having precious caviar!

Every single item in that book was treated with respect and drooling, from the stocking, shoes, dress, shirt, comb, to even personal hygiene products for females. Oh, the fantasy from those pages in the catalog was so beautiful, luscious, and mind boggling.

We couldn't get enough with those million items in the catalog. We had dreaming eyes, we wished so hard for just one item to appear, and turned us into a princess or a fairy even if it was for a split second. We played pretend with the tea sets and gorgeous dresses for girls. Imagination was at its best. Escaping from reality was manifesting as each day went on.

The Sears catalog had somewhat a magical power to transform our desperate situation, and like the "Calgon, take us away" sort of sentiment. The catalog was like a life jacket catching us from drowning. When we got tired playing with marbles and shells, the toy pages in this book became the center stage of our summer afternoon gathering.

After arriving to the US, I found the Sears Catalog was nothing more than ordinary. It had no magical effect, and offered very little imagination. I could actually walk to the store and feast my eyes or touch them all even if we couldn't afford to have them.

I watched my children growing up having things that once existed only on paper and in my fantasy!

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  1. Interesting your experience with the Sears catalog! You may be surprised to know that the Sears catalog was magical in my childhood too - even though I have always lived in Canada or the United States. As a child I always associated the catalog with Santa Claus because I always wanted something from the catalog to be under the tree. ;)

  2. What amazing photographs and fab reminiscing

  3. I love the Sears catalog when I was little. The Christmas Wishbook was magical to my sisters and I.

  4. I still love looking at those catalogs....but who cares about those when you post such lovely visions from nature! Nice shots!

  5. My sister and I would look at Sears and the JC Penney catalogs for hours. I used to make paper dolls and get ideas for clothes for them from the catalogs. The catalogs were babysitters!!

  6. I'm sure this will date me, but I remember the excitement of the Sears, JC Penney and Montgomery Wards catalogs arriving in the mail. We'd spend HOURS pouring over them.

  7. Your post brought back memories I had forgotten. I always really appreciate hearing your heart and perspective. You captured the magic of girlhood dreams. It's a different country you live in now, but also world. Things are very different than they were when I was a little girl growing up in the US. I loved the Sears catalog too. The internet has changed us as well.

  8. I remember how precious the colored candies were in all different patterns. It was like seeing gold as a kid. and I don't remember who presented it to me - (mom, dad?) but never got to taste even one. What the F?

  9. My sister and I always poured over the Sears catalog when we were young. My mom would have us mark the things that caught our fancy. And then...the hoping and wishing would begin...


  10. Interesting how similar the fantasies in your post and the comments, despite being continents - and worlds - apart! There was no Sears (or any other) catalog where I grew up, but I don't really remember ever pining for much of anything as a child (and no, I was certainly not born with a silver spoon in my mouth). Those fantasies may well have lead you to become an expressive writer today! Your leaf photos are exquisite, Mumsy.

  11. Many children loved the Sears catalog! It was the Wish Book!

  12. That is so wonderful that your kids can take for granted what was a fantasy for you! That is every parent's dream to be sure!

  13. I have such Fond memories of the Sears catalogue. . .

    The Fabulous Feeling that Filled me up when I began Frantically searching the pages For the perfect presents. . . What Fun!!!

    I am glad you thought of this Fantastic link to the letter "F". . .



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